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Sleep-deprived stupidity

May 2, 2018
We asked you: What is the most stupid thing you’ve done while sleep-deprived? And your answers were brilliant, funny – and oh-so-familiar! Here are some of our favourites… How many have you done?


“Brushed my teeth with Savlon (it was next to the toothpaste)”

Emily Dooley

“Put cat biscuits in my daughter’s cereal bowl. She complained and I was about to snap when my son piped up, ‘Mum, they’re cat biscuits!'”

Karen Lowe

I once went into a complete panic thinking my daughter wasn’t in the car when in fact the mirror we use to see her when driving had just fallen down”

Lee Campbell

“Got really confused when rubbing my work key fob on the side of my front door didn’t unlock it! And the same later when my car fob wouldn’t open it either”

Amanda Young

“Dunked my bacon roll in coffee instead of ketchup”

Samantha Glazier

“A shop assistant asked me my newborn’s name and I just stood staring at her because I couldn’t remember it”


“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forgotten to boil the kettle and put cold water into my cup”

Rachel Fitzgerald

“Carefully prepared lunch, then scraped it all into the bin as though we’d finished before I even put it on the table”

Emma Carragher

“Told the registrar the wrong name when we went to register our daughter’s birth. Luckily my husband was there!”

Jenna Rhodes

“Put my little girl’s lunchbox on the top of the toaster and then put it on. Burnt a big hole in it so off she went with a carrier bag”

Danielle Hodge

“I put the kids’ laptop in the fridge instead of on charge”

Faye George

“When my baby finally went down for a nap, I tried to take five minutes for myself with a bowl of cereal and a magazine – but managed to throw the bowl, milk and cornflakes down onto the sofa while keeping a careful hold of the mag!”


“I phoned my husband at work in floods of tears because I thought he was late and not coming home – when it was only 1.45pm”

Bella Hartley

“Decided to have more children!”

Sally Hodder

Next week: What is the most embarrassing thing your child has ever said in public?


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