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5 Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts For Toddlers under £20!

December 2, 2022

Christmas is coming and many people are busy buying their Christmas gifts for their loved ones. We know that budgets are tight this year. Christmas does not have to be cancelled as Mumii has searched for 5 budget friendly Christmas gifts for toddlers which are all under £20! We hope that you like them as much as we do!

Dena 12 piece pastel rainbow – Price at time of publication £17.00 – Age Newborn

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dena rainbow gifts for toddlers for under £20Dena is a revolutionary and intelligent toy. It’s busy shaping the future of the toy market due to its eye-catching design and variety of play opportunities. Literally anything is possible with Dena and we love it! You can stack it, bend it, squeeze it, throw it, chew it, suck it, throw it or pull it. Dena is made from a platinum silicone material which is soft and strong It is also bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic and BPA-free. Suitable for use from birth onwards, this makes an idea first Christmas present. Importantly, for many parents who still bear the scars of more established brands, Dena doesn’t hurt if you accidentally tread on it!!

Vilac Jungle Touch & Feel Puzzle – £15.00 – Age 18 months +

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Feel-Find-Farm-GameEveryone loves a puzzle on Christmas day don’t they? We certainly do! The new Vilac Jungle Touch and Feel Puzzle means even your little one can join in. This puzzle is a beautifully designed jungle scene with five animal shapes that slot into the board. Each spot on the board is coated with a different texture designed to feel like the particular animal that fits into it, adding an extra, sensory dimension. Kids will love it, but don’t just take our word for it.  A happy grandmother recently reviewed the puzzle saying: “My grandson (9 months) loved this jigsaw. The crocodile was just the right size for his little hands to grasp”

Classic World Hercules Weightlifting Game – £13.95 – Age 3 years +

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Classic-World-Hercules-GameThis clever and simple balancing game encourages your little ones to learn the concept of balance using colourful wooden rings to correctly balance the arms of Hercules. Hercules eyes provides an important clue as they move in tandem with his arms from side to side; once he is properly balanced, he can see straight!  This is an ideal Christmas gift which offers a fantastic and absorbing game for young minds. It is also a great tool for little ones to develop and improve their fine motor skills and learn about balance.

Classic World Rocking Pounding Bench – £10.50 – Age 12 months +

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Classic-World-Rocking-Pounding-BenchIt is often the simplest toys that your little ones love the most! With this traditional wooden Christmas gift, we are sure they will be to be entranced. Made from sustainable wood, the Classic `World Rocking Pounding Bench offers several activities in one.  First, it functions as a pounding bench with 6 colourful pegs and a hammer which little hands will find easy to hold This will help them develop their hand-eye coordination and arm strength as they hammer through the holes. Secondly, if you turn the toy upside down, it rocks from side to side to make the hammering of the pegs through the holes even more challenging and fascinating for curious young minds.

Nattou Pui Pui Octopus – £19.95 – Age Newborn +

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Nattou-OctopusThere is something about an octopus that is super cute. Piu Piu is a beautifully soft and velvety toy octopus. Pui Pui has a wonderfully appealing and kind face, and tactile plaited tentacles. The tentacles are cleverly designed to resemble the feel of an umbilical cord. This makes young babies, even those that are born premature, feel extra safe and secure after birth. Pui Pui is available in a range of gorgeous stylish colours and he makes an ideal Christmas present for any newborn.

We know that finding ideal presents for toddlers can be tricky especially when you are working to a tight budget.

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