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Kiddy Adventure Pack

May 9, 2018

The Kiddy Adventure Pack comes from the brand who holds safety, comfort, lifestyle, and design at its core. The transfer of design and knowledge is evident from the team who brought to market the safest infant carrier whilst also adding a lie-flat function; Evoluna i-Size. Not only is safety covered, but the comfort of both the wearer and child are considered with multiple adjustable positions, and important ergonomic support. The carrier doesn’t stop there with integrated features such as the rain and sun canopy, and multiple storage points to cover all needs of additional luggage

The carrier itself is lightweight for such a robust carrier ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessarily to the workload. As a premium carrier, it utilises high-quality materials with silver applications for its reflective purposes for benefits in dwindling light.

To aid in ease of use, the stand can be folded out with just one hand.


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