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Nuby Natural Touch Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer Limited Edition

May 10, 2018

Where other electric steam sterilisers simply kill germs, leaving parents to air-dry, towel-dry or shake-dry condensation from their bottles before use, the Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser will sterilise and dry at the touch of a button. Ideal for parents who are naturally concerned about hygiene issues as there is less risk of cross contamination, as opposed to using cloths or kitchen roll to dry bottles.

Simply choose from three cycles:
1. Sterilise (5 minutes) – using natural steam sterilisation method, 99.9% of germs are killed and the five bottles remain sterile for 24 hours (as long as the lid is left closed)
2. Sterilise and Quick-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 15 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised and quickly dried (some condensation may still be visible)
3. Sterilise and Super-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 30 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised, super-dried and ready-to-use

The Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser and Dryer is compatible with all bottle brands, uses natural steam (not chemicals) to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and can be used to sterilise
bottles (5-bottle capacity), breast pumps, soothers and other baby feeding accessories (that are suitable for steam sterilisation) and will make a great baby shower gift

Features and benefits:

Electric Steam Steriliser which sterilises and then dries bottles and accessories
Five minute natural steam sterilisation cycle that kills 99.9% germs
Dries bottles with a choice of Quick Dry 15 minute and Super Dry 30 minute cycles
Ultra hygienic
Contents will stay sterile for 24 hours (if lid left closed)
Holds five bottles and other accessories such as breast pumps
Compatible with all bottle makes
Great for time pressed parents
Stylish textured design


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