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A Love Manifesto from Babybjörn

February 5, 2018

Today sees the launch of not only a new Babybjörn carrier but also their exciting campaign set to focus on the ‘love’ that comes with parenthood. They are calling it  ‘A Love Manifesto’, championed by Cat Sims (mother of two), Anna Whitehouse (mother of two) and Sagal Ibrahim Shire (who has recently become a new mother).

So what an earth is a ‘Love Manifesto’ I hear you ask! It’s certainly something that we asked. Babybjörn told us that their message to all parents is to….

~ Trust yourself
~ Create your own rules
~ Invent your own parenting


Babybjörn have seen parents become under increasing pressure – often brought about by internet forums where parents can become the targets of both negative comments and judgement about their parenting style. Babybjörn strongly believe that parenting should not be a competition and should be about what is real for YOU. They wish to empower parents to have ultimate faith and trust in their own instincts and be free to develop their own parenting style.

choose love

So if you do nothing else today, embrace the love that makes you a good parent and remember to trust your instincts and as Sagal says, “Motherhood is all about creating your own rules. Everything is going to be fine because it is your child and you know your child best. No one has the perfect say on parenting. You have to make up your own rules along the journey.”


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