About us at Parenting Expert


So you want to learn more about us? Let’s start by introducing our inspirational Founder and CEO – Jo Studholme.

Jo brings a wealth of diverse experience to Parenting Expert, having experience as a teacher, journalist, marketing expert, and successful retailer. Her multifaceted background has shaped her into an expert hustler, navigating various professional domains with finesse. Beyond her professional acumen, Jo’s perspective is enriched by her role as a mother of three. Allowing her an intimate understanding of the joys and challenges inherent in parenthood. It is this blend of professional expertise and personal empathy that makes Parenting Expert stand out as more than just an online publication. Like a comforting embrace, it’s a reliable companion, ever-ready to extend a helping hand during challenging times or to join in the celebration of the countless joys that come with parenting. With Jo’s guidance, Parenting Expert embodies a supportive community where the intricacies of parenting are not just understood, but embraced with compassion and shared experiences.

Parenting Expert is more than just information; it’s a dynamic space designed to empower, inspire, and make your parenting journey both informed and enjoyable. Join us in creating a community that understands and celebrates the incredible adventure of parenthood.” Jo Studholme

The Team!

Jo is supported by a team of experts, each excelling in their respective fields. We like to call this our extended family. From seasoned professionals encompassing years of experience, through to rising stars with fresh perspectives. The team is a dynamic mix of talent. The diverse skill set within the group not only fosters creativity but also facilitates a constant exchange of knowledge, ensuring that each team member contributes uniquely to the overall success of Parenting Expert going forward.

Ready to learn more about us? Contact us today and become a part of our journey, where expertise meets passion in creating a supportive community for all parents.

Jo Studholme