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The new airbag technology from Maxi-Cosi

February 2, 2018

Think infant car seats, think Maxi-Cosi. In the UK they are the leading car seat manufacturer and are known for their award-winning seats and dedication to innovating the market. Well, they have done it again! Their new air bag technology was the talk of the recent trade show in Cologne, Kind + Jugend. It is set to be one of the most revolutionary launches in the baby market for years.

Maxi-Cosi have spent years researching into how airbags could ‘better protect a child’s head and neck in forward facing seats’ and have taken inspiration from a variety of existing airbag concepts including airbag jackets for motorcyclists and airbag seat belts in aircraft technology.

“After many years of development and testing, a ground-breaking technology for the next generation forward facing car seats is the outcome. We are confident that our Maxi-Cosi Air Technology will significantly improve the protection of a child in a forward facing car seat, resulting in enhanced safety for toddlers.”

There is an airbag trigger system which is integrated into the back of the child car seat. When the system detects a collision it almost immediately inflates two airbags in the shoulder pads of the seat within milliseconds – this cushions the head softly.

Tests conduced by Maxi-Cosi have shown that these airbags reduce the forces acting on a child’s neck being significantly reduced compared to a standard Maxi-Cosi forward facing car seat.

Would this innovation be on your must-have list in your car seat search?


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