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ASDA Little Angels First Pants

May 13, 2018

Little Angels pants are great option for parents who have very wriggly babies on their hands but still want the reassurance and the benefits they’ve had from nappies.

All Little Angels nappies, from newborn to toddler, are carefully designed to help both parents and babies. First Pants are the perfect solution for the wriggliest of babies. We’ve focused on making sure First Pants will always protect that super delicate skin whilst giving your baby lots of freedom to move around.

As babies get bigger we know keeping them still for their nappy changing proves quite a challenge, so we’ve put elasticated material throughout to allow for a serious amount of moving about without leakage. We’ve also made sure they are incredibly easy to get up and down so nappy changing is nice and quick. The cute Peppa Pig design is an extra bonus which can keep the little ones distracted!


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