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Avengers: Infinity War – The toys assemble!

May 2, 2018

Disney’s Marvel adventure, Avengers: Infinity War is breaking all kinds of box office records – $630 million worldwide as it stands after its opening weekend – and gathering some suitably heroic reviews too. There’s a selection box of superheroes bringing their powers to this movie and it’ll take all their combined might to stand up against the imposing mega-villain Thanos – but worry not, there are no spoilers here! Instead, here’s our pick of toys that’ll keep the action in play when the credits roll…

Electro Hero Kit

Missions inside this box of tech include testing new tech on Captain America’s shield, helping Hulk break through a wall and finding a power source for Iron Man. You’ll need to add your own dough but everything else to complete these, and other missions of your own creation, are inside. You’ve dough cutters, LEDs, wires, mats and a battery pack.

Tech Will Save Us, £29.99

Hasbro Marvel Avengers Infinity AR Iron Man mask

Go augmented reality and role play as Iron Man. The kit contains a 1:1 scale AR mask, a gauntlet, three AR markers and an Infinity Stone. You’ll need a smart device to get the full experience, just load up the Hero Vision app, pop your mask on and you’ll be wandering in Iron Man’s shoes, partaking in missions with a very good chance that parents will be caught having a go! Loads of fun with none of the danger.

Argos, £46.99

LEGO Brickheadz Thanos

These almost pixelated-style characters are great fun. Part of the new range to celebrate the Marvel film, this 141-piece build of evil overlord Thanos makes for a great display. Complete with his dreaded gauntlet and the Infinity Stone, you’ll likely be eyeing up the others in the series soon.

TheToyShop.com, £10

NERF Captain America Assembler

This novel NERF design is a blaster developed as part of the new assembler range and pieces can be swapped and changed with others to create over 100 combinations. This manually operated NERF offers a real departure in design and we’re looking forward to baddies quivering in their boots when they eye our new toy.

Smyths Toys, £19.99

Titan Hero Series HULK

If you haven’t got yourself a Hulk in the household then this impressive 30cm-high one should be the bulked-up green man for consideration. It works with a gadget called the power FX pack (which is sold separately but works on a load of other Marvel figures too) and activates character-specific sounds and phrases from Avengers: Infinity War. Without the pack it’s an impressive articulated door-stopping or shelf-filling figure.

Smyths Toys, £19.99


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