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Babymore air motion gliding crib bedroom

Review : Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib

February 7, 2023

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9.5 / 10

I am Jo and am part of the in-house Parenting Expert review team. Having reviewed products for almost 15 years, as well as being a Mum to three lovely children, I am now considered an expert in the field of nursery products. I have used cribs, especially for my youngest daughter, and know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. I am a stickler for details, so I was excited to get the award-winning Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib in for review. It had a lot to live up to, especially as I have looked at many cribs in depth over the last few years.



Incredible value for money

Very Stable

Lightweight, compact and comes with a travel bag 

Includes colic wedge



Travel bag quite thin material

No pocket on the end of the crib


What’s in the box?

Travel Bag

Air Motion Gliding Crib (bassinet plus 4 legs)


Reflux Wedge



First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I received the crib was the size of the box, which was much smaller than I had anticipated, perfect for storing until the baby arrives, and there is nothing worse than packaging for packaging’s sake. 

I love the fact that this crib folds so small and can be neatly stored in its travel bag. A big plus is that the bag is included, meaning you can easily pack it away to travel to Grandparents. I also love that you can pack it away after baby number one, ready for baby number two, knowing it will remain clean and dust-free. I would have liked to see the travel bag made from slightly thicker material and would recommend caution when packing it away to ensure that the bag does not get damaged.


Putting the crib together

The Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib comes with instructions, but to be honest, it is not rocket science and is incredibly easy to put together. I think you can have it ready to go in less than five minutes after opening the box. However, if you do need to use the instructions, they are concise, easy to follow, and accompanied by photographs to guide you through each stage.

All you need to do is unfold the bassinet until it locks into position (you can hear an audible click) and then slot in the four legs. There are four poppers to attach, and there is velcro on the sides to attach it in place; however, ours came out of the box with it perfectly in place. Pop the mattress in, and you are ready to go. Simple.

Babymore Air motion gliding crib attaching legs

The crib is just as easy to dismantle (perhaps taking you an extra 60 seconds to allow you to release the legs!). It folds nicely and fits in its travel bag. Weighing only 6kg, it is incredibly lightweight and perfect for travelling.

One of the great things about the crib is just how compact and lightweight it is (6kg total), making it ideal for weekends away meaning you are not going to have to buy a travel cot for the first 6 months of your little one’s life.


Let’s take a closer look at all the elements of the Babymore Guiding Crib.

Babymore Air motion gliding crib mum and babyThe Babymore Gliding Crib comes with a substantial mattress with a washable cover. However I would certainly recommend using bottom sheets. Babymore make their own which means you have no worries about whether they will fit or not. The mattress itself is firm (recommended for newborns) but does give slightly to provide support where it is needed.

The crib area itself is spacious and should last your baby until they are ready to go into a cot. The current guidelines suggest that a baby should be in your room until they reach around 6 months. This crib is big enough to support this, far bigger than a standard Moses basket, which often only lasts until baby is 3–4 months old. Safety tested to 9kg, your baby is unlikely to reach the weight limit by 6 months too.

The sides of the crib are a breathable mesh, an important safety element to prevent suffocation if they roll over and get “stuck”. The added bonus is that while you are lying in bed, you can also see your baby—much easier than having to peep over the top. The ends of the crib have a subtle star design and are incredibly soft. The rim of the crib depends on the colour you pick. The Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib currently comes in three colours, slate (dark grey), grey, and cream (the cream is more of an oatmeal colour). All three colours are on trend 2023 interior colours so there is sure to be an option to suit everyone. 

Babymore Air motion gliding crib mesh sides

If I had to be really picky, the only addition I would have liked to see would be a pocket on the end to keep a spare nappy and wipes in – easily accessible for those middle of the night nappy changes.

The Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib comes with a reflux wedge. This is made to go on top of our mattress if your baby has colic or a cold that makes them really snuffly. It is covered with the same material as the ends of the crib, which is a nice touch. Even though you shouldn’t give a baby under 12 months old a pillow, you can use a reflux wedge because it goes through the same tests as a mattress and is safe to use.
Babymore Air motion gliding crib reflux The legs are made from aluminum, meaning they are very strong but incredibly lightweight. They have a wood effect finish and plastic moulded feet at the foot to ensure fewer indentations on your carpet. The feet are incredibly stable, which is important when the crib will be housing your precious baby.

On to perhaps the bit you really want to read, and that is linked to the name of this crib – the air motion glide. I have to admit that I had very high expectations given the name – did it really glide? Why ‘air motion’? Well, I can report that it is absolutely brilliant. This crib has a very, very smooth glide that is easily operated. You can set it to glide with just one finger. If your baby stirs, the gentle movement will be activated; the theory is that your baby will be rocked back to sleep. I LOVE this part of this crib from Babymore. You just have to be careful not to push it too hard as it nudges against the stoppers but once you have done it a few times, I am sure that this won’t happen.

As your child grows older, the gliding may wake them up as they move in their sleep. If this does happen, you can easily lock it in place. There is an easily accessible lever that you gently pull, and as soon as you move the crib, it locks into place.



I had high hopes for the Babymore Air Motion Crib, but given the price, I was skeptical that it would meet all of my expectations. I am the first to admit that I was wrong. This crib is one of the best I have seen for a long time, especially due to its price point (RRP £149). It is fantastic value for money, yet is comfortable for your baby and looks nice. Nothing seems to have been compromised. Well done, Babymore—an excellently executed piece of furniture.

Visit Babymore.co.uk to find out more 

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Parenting Expert‘s verdict:

9.5 / 10


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