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Back to school must have items for kids.

Back to School Must Have Items For Kids

August 22, 2023

Yes it’s that time of year again already! The excitement of a new school year approaches. Back-to-school shopping is a time-honoured tradition that not only helps children prepare for academic success but also infuses a sense of enthusiasm and novelty into their routine. Whether your child is entering pre-school or heading off to high school, having the right supplies can make the transition smoother and more enjoyable. Here’s a comprehensive list of back to school must have items for kids.

Educational Toys – Preparation for Pre-school

If your child is about to embark on their journey into pre-school, educational toys are great for preparing your child and giving them the basics they need.


More than just an entertaining musical storybox, the Tonies range includes educational Tonies, lots of free downloadable educational content on the mytonies app, plus plenty of educational support for parents to share with their children. There’s lots of proven educational benefits of using the Toniebox too, including improved speech, literacy and attention skills.


Edx Education

Educational toy brand Edx Education have a huge range of ‘learning through play’ toy ranges to support your child’s learning at home. There’s maths study kits for ages 3-6 year olds, plus plenty more toys for maths learning, with toys to help with literacy too.  There’s also lots of advice on learning in the early years from Heather Welch, who is a qualified primary school teacher on the Edx Education blog.

Edx Education Toy

Back to school essentials for all ages


A sturdy and comfortable backpack is an essential item for every student. Look for one with ergonomic features, ample compartments, and a design that reflects your child’s personality.

Small Stuff’s Back to School collection is made from recycled materials and includes a range of bags designed to match school uniforms. For younger children, we love these backpacks!

Small Stuff School Backpack

The Futliit Backpack is designed with both kids and parents in mind. Made from high-quality materials, it is built to last and withstand the demands of daily use. The compartments are great sizes, offering plenty of space for school essentials to keep things organised, and even includes a fully padded laptop sleeve for devices up to 15″. The extra padding on the shoulder straps and back panel provide additional comfort, making it easy for kids to carry all of their school supplies without any discomfort.

Futliit Backpack

Hair Accessories

Small Stuff’s Back to School collection is made from recycled materials and includes a range of hair accessories to match school uniforms, in navy, red and green colour ways.

Small Stuff Hair Accessories


Stock up on pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. For older students, gel pens, highlighters, and markers can be valuable tools for note-taking and organisation. Notebooks and binders help students keep their classwork and assignments in order. Choose a mix of spiral-bound and three-ring binders to accommodate different subjects.

Foster your child’s creativity by including art supplies such as coloured pencils, crayons, sketchbooks, and watercolours. These can be essential for art classes or creative projects.

Secondary school students, especially those taking advanced maths or science courses, will benefit from having a scientific calculator. Make sure it’s approved by the school if there are specific requirements.

Try Hobbycraft or Amazon for a one stop shop for all these items.

School Planner

Teach your child the importance of time management with a planner or calendar. This tool can help them keep track of assignments, projects, and extracurricular activities. Most secondary schools now give students a planner. It is good practice to ensure that your child keeps their planner up-to-date with assignment deadlines, when to take their PE kit etc.

Lunchbox and Water Bottle

If your child is taking a packed lunch ensure you have a good quality lunch box . Equip your child with a sturdy lunchbox to carry nutritious meals and snacks. A reusable water bottle is equally important to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Look for water bottles which are BPA free. Take a look at Asda for a wide range of options. Contigo’s kids water bottles are a great choice for kids aged 5 to 8.

Kids lunch boxes and water bottles

School Uniform

Depending on the school’s dress code and the climate, buy a few sets of comfortable and appropriate clothing. Don’t forget to consider sports clothes and shoes for physical education classes.

If you are on a budget, Asda have a wide range of great uniform essentials. Or you could look at Marks & Spencer if you prefer to pay a little more.


Comfortable shoes that provide proper support for growing feet are essential. Consider choosing sustainable options such as Zig + Star’s Back to School range. They have a removable ‘Good to Grow’ midsole to give at least an extra six months wear too, which is both kind on your pocket and the planet!

For the little ones: Confidence Boosters

If your child is just starting at school this September, consider including a small item that boosts your child’s confidence or brings them comfort, like a small favourite toy.

Back-to-school shopping is not just about gathering supplies; it’s an opportunity to set the tone for a successful academic year. Engage your child in the process, allowing them to express their preferences and choices. Remember that the most important aspect of back-to-school preparation is ensuring your child feels ready, excited, and supported for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.

So, there is our list of back to school must have items for kids. Good Luck!

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