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Bambo Nature Newborn Nappies

May 9, 2018

Bambo Nature nappies have a super soft top-dry layer which quickly absorbs wetness, locking it into the core whilst keeping your baby’s skin as dry as possible. Alongside the breathable textile-like back sheet, which aids your baby’s skin healthy, they are dermatologically tested and latex-free. The nappies boast our thinnest ever core design, which doesn’t compromise performance or comfort, allowing your child to move around freely. Additionally, the flexible side panels make achieving the perfect fit even easier!

Bambo Nature has been independently accredited with Nordic Eco-Label, a strict environmental accreditation. The fluff used in the nappies is also environmentally-friendly and comes from sustainable forestry. If that’s not enough, 95% of all production waste at our factory in Denmark is recycled. With Bambo Nature you can be reassured that you are choosing a product that is not only good for your baby, but is also good for the environment too!


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