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Beldray AirGo Review

September 7, 2018

Our Mumii VIP Sarah, from South West London, was keen to put the Beldray AirGo vacuum cleaner to the test with a bit of help from Dad, 2.5-year-old Oliver and two moulting cats!

What was in the box:

The vacuum cleaner, charger and instruction manual

First impressions:

Everything was ready to be taken straight out of the box, no annoying clips or ties to remove and very little excess packaging or plastic. The handle/arm needed clipping in, which was very simple. Other than that it was ready to be charged and then use. First impressions were good – it looked smart and was nice and light. The chrome-look around the base parts is a nice touch.


The vacuum cleaner charged quickly with a blue light on the front flashing while charging and changing to a solid light once charged (it took just under four hours). It simply plugs straight into the mains without needing to remove batteries like many others. This made it much quicker to do, but did mean it had to be stuck right by the power point while charging instead of us being able to tuck it away while the battery charged separately.

You simply push down on the base with your foot to release the base and it tilts sideways as well as forward and backwards, making it very easy to manoeuvre. It has two suction strengths and you decide which to use by simply sliding the button forward one or two clicks. Because our cats have been moulting a lot over summer and my toddler seems to create endless crumbs, I decided to use the strongest setting in the lounge and hallway. It was fairly noisy and a fabric strip came out of the bottom after about 30 seconds of using it! This didn’t seem to effect it, though – I think it was probably meant for protecting non-carpeted floors from scratching. I turned the cleaner down to the lower strength for our bedroom and it was much quieter on this setting.

To empty the AirGo you have to push a button at the base and then pull the filter out. This wasn’t as smooth as it sounds and took a fair amount of pushing and pulling before is popped out. The fact the cylinder isn’t symmetrical meant it was equally fiddly to put it back in afterwards. Despite this I was shocked by how much it had sucked up considering the carpet did not look particularly dirty beforehand. We only have a two-bedroom flat so did not need to use the cleaner for a long period. The manual suggests it holds up to 50 minutes of charge, which would be plenty for two separate cleans in our flat. The vacuum is very light and this means it’s easy to carry up and down our multiple sets of stairs, but there are no tools with it which means we couldn’t get right up to the edges and corners and couldn’t de-hair the sofas, which we normally like to do when hoovering.

  • Lightweight
  • Charges quickly
  • Quiet when on standard strength
  • Flexible
  • Very effective
  • Not robust
  • Noisy when on higher strength setting
  • Handle height isn’t adjustable
  • No additional tools
  • Fiddly to remove the filter to empty

Available to buy from Amazon – see the link here.

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