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Our guide to the best baby apps for your smartphone

February 5, 2018

There’s an app for everything these days. Banking, food shopping, news or eating out – you name it, you can do it or view it using an app.

There’s even a whole load of apps out there for our babies! And, although they aren’t quite intelligent enough to tell us exactly what our baby is going to do next (Warning! Warning! Poo explosion ahead!), they can certainly lend us a helping hand when it comes to certain aspects of parenting.

Here are five of the biggies you might like to download:


Best baby apps - Johnsons

If sleep troubles are affecting you and your little one – and, let’s face it, they probably are – you could try this app which will help you track and learn about your baby’s sleep habits. With sleep analysis and recommendations on how to improve your bambino’s sleep and bedtime routine, this could be a game changer. Features include sleep tracking and scoring, a three-step routine that’s clinically proven to help babies and toddlers to sleep better* and lullabies to chill your munchkin out. Download it from iTunes or Google Play.

The Wonder Weeks App

Best baby apps - The wonder weeks

Parenting is a hard world to fathom, especially when you’re a first-timer. But The Wonder Weeks is a medically sound source of information about your baby’s development. Based on the international bestselling book, it will help you to keep on track with the leaps and developmental changes your baby goes through as they grow, up to 20 months. It’s easy to understand and a great source of reassurance as you discover why your little one might be sleeping badly or being grouchy. You can get it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Microsoft Store.


Best baby apps - Calpol

Looking after a baby is a huge responsibility and us parents always worry when they get ill. But the CALPOL® App is just what you need to help you out while your mini me is poorly. With a dosage diary to help you remember when they last had their medicine, a temperature tracker to monitor their fever, soothing songs, an immunisation calendar, product information and a map to help you find your nearest pharmacy or hospital, it will hopefully make looking after a poorly tot that bit easier. Find it on iTunes or Google Play.


Best baby apps - My Medela

This is one for the breastfeeding mamas. Using MyMedela, you can track and monitor breastfeeding, pumping sessions, nappy changes, sleep and your baby’s height and weight. There’s a personalised dashboard, daily tips, educational information, plus it helps you celebrate milestones and manage your goals, and gives you motivational advice. Plus, if you’ve got the Sonata breast pump, it connects to it, giving you real-time information about your pumping session! Download it on iTunes or Google Play.

Baby Monitor 3G

Best baby apps - baby monitor 3g

If you fancied using a video monitor, but never got round to getting one, then Baby Monitor 3G is what you need. As long as you have two available mobile devices, this app means you can watch live video of your sleeping bairn wherever you are. Just install the app for a one-off fee, pair the two devices and – hey presto – you’re ready to go. One device goes a few metres away from your baby, and the other stays with you. Thanks to the night light feature, you can see and hear your little one even in the dark. It’s available on most devices – discover more here.

What are the best baby apps you’ve found, that help make life that little bit easier?


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