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Best suncreams for kids

February 2, 2018

There’s one thing you or your little ones can’t go without during the summer and that is sun cream! Although it’s lovely to be out in those warm rays it can actually be very dangerous, especially for young skin. Prepare yourself now and get a bottle of sun cream in your changing bag or pushchair, if you’re unsure which to go for here is our list of the best sun creams for kids.

best sun creams for kids - Superdrug

We love these pouches of sunscreen from Solait, Superdrugs own brand! Why do we like them so much? They only cost £1.99 and each pouch is small containing 50ml. They are perfectly sized for handbags, school bags, changing bags and if you stock up and put one in each you’ll never be caught in the sun without protection.

best sun creams for kids - Ambre Solaire

How many times have you applied sunscreen to your little one and then they roll in the sand and moan they feel itchy? Probably too many. Garnier Ambre Solaire have created an Anti-Sand Spray that’s easy peasy to apply, just spray continuously over the whole body and quick and easy protection and let the sand repelling action do the rest. No more sand monsters!

best sun creams for kids - banana boat

Banana Boat have a lotion perfect for parents who can’t keep their child standing still for very long. Their Kids Ultramist has a rub-free application and the spray works at any angle even upside down. If you’ve had to chase your little one around whilst applying sunscreen you will completely get how handy this is. Just aim, spray and you’re done!

best sun creams for kids - Nivea

If your little one doesn’t mind applying their own sun cream then this Nivea Kids Caring Roll-On might be just what you need. Avoid greasy fingers and a sun cream covered bottle because this sun protection is simple to use, just roll it on and away you go.

best sun creams for kids - Tesco

Ensuring you’ve covered every inch of your children with sun cream can be difficult especially if they’re wriggling around. Soleil Kids Trigger Spray from Tesco is lightly coloured green to make sure you’ve got an even coverage. Children also seem to find coloured sun creams the most fun so if the colour keeps them entertained for 2 minutes, it’s got to be pretty good.

best sun creams for kids - La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay are well known for their skincare designed for even the most sensitive skin and their Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics Baby Lotion is no different. If your child suffers from eczema or easily irritated skin then this is probably your best bet. Paraben and perfume-free it shouldn’t cause any irritations but means they can ensure the glorious weather like everyone else.

best sun creams for kids - Childs Farm

If you already use Childs Farm hair care and bubble bath at home then you’re going to like this, they also have a sun cream that is 50+ SPF. All their skincare is gentle, free of irritating nasties and approved by Dermatologists so perfect for sensitive and eczema prone skin. The consistency is rather thick to keep young skin protected, moisturised and hydrated in the sunshine.

The majority of sun creams you’ll come across aren’t organic which means organic living families might have difficulty finding a lotion or cream suitable. The Green People and their scent free Organic Children Sun Lotion contains 78% organic content and with each bottle bought 30p is donated to the Marine Conservation Society to protect the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife. So, if you want to be kind to the earth this the the one for you.

best sun creams for kids - Boots waterplay

Children who love splashing around in the pool or sea need sun cream topping up a lot more than others, which is fine unless they HATE having cream re-applied. However, this Soltan Kids Once 3 hours Waterplay spray from Boots is designed especially for water babies. The formula will protect your little one for hours with its 3 hours water resistance or 6 hours if they don’t go in the water. Minimal re-applications is fairly helpful with wriggly, excitable splashers!

best sun creams for kids - Boots insect repel

Another from Boots is the Soltan Protect & Repel sun cream, which is ideal for children prone to insect bites. Kill two birds (or insects) with one stone by applying this cream, which will ensure effective protection from UV rays and pesky bites. Plus, unlike repellent sprays it doesn’t have a nasty odour.

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