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Bugaboo Fox

May 3, 2018

The exceptional intelligence in its design makes the Bugaboo Fox the ideal pushchair for parents who want to maintain their lifestyle once they have children. Whether it’s travelling, socialising, shopping or simply being outdoors, the Bugaboo Fox allows parents to keep saying ‘YES!’ to the things they love.

The Bugaboo Fox offers the most stable ride on all surfaces thanks to the advanced all-wheel suspension, while the new central joint means a smooth, bump-free ride for the child. For the parent, pushing and steering feels effortless: navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces becomes a breeze.

It’s strong and sturdy, yet light and compact. You can easily carry it into your house or car, and use the super-compact fold for stress-free storage. It’s easier than ever to store when out and about thanks to the one-piece fold and self-standing design.

The Bugaboo Fox is made to last from durable materials and recycled fabrics. You can use it for your first child, pass it through your family, and it will still be going strong years later. Plus, its modular design means you can easily update the look of your pushchair for a new season or a new baby. Mix and match from the many colour choices for fabrics, wheel caps and handlebar grips.

The Bugaboo Fox doesn’t compromise on quality, appearance or comfort, because there’s nothing like a Bugaboo.



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