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Chicco Goal League

May 13, 2018

Goal League offers three different modes of play to keep toddlers entertained for hours. First is the ‘Penalty Shots’ mode, where children can challenge themselves to score as many goals as they can by shooting at the net. For every goal scored, children will be congratulated with cheering crowd noises.

In ‘Golden Goal’ mode, it’s a race against the clock to score that all-important killer goal. Lastly we have ‘Challenge’ mode, which allows children to battle it out with their friends to see who can be the first to score five goals and take home the footballing crown. The net also comes complete with a handy slider at the top to keep track of the scores.

Goal League works to improve children’s accuracy and coordination by encouraging them to shoot at a target. Additionally, it has five different modes of difficulty, meaning it remains fun and challenging as children develop.


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