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ClevaMama Salt Lamp baby in cot

Review : ClevaMama ClevaPure Salt Lamp

April 17, 2023

Parenting Expert‘s verdict:

9.5 / 10

My name is Catherine and I am one of the in-house Parenting Expert review team. I have worked in the nursery industry for what feels like a thousand years and I love getting my hands on some of the the latest products. I was exciting to try the ClevaPure Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp, Humidifier & Nightlight.

Price: £65.00

What’s in the box?

  • The unit including base, middle section for the water and the top
  • Himalayan salt rocks (lots of)
  • Universal plug
  • Spare bulb

First Impressions

When I first opened the box I was surprised how big it was. There were lots of salt rocks, in fact I couldn’t fit them all in the base so super generous on that front.

ClevaMama ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp


There seemed lots of elements in the box but it was super easy to put together. Everything made perfect sense and the instructions were good.

Looks and design

From a visual point of view its a very sweet unit. There’s a nice design on the front which is perfect for a baby’s nursery, but if you wanted to use it elsewhere in the house as I did, you can just put the top on the other way around. The neutral grey top fits well with most interiors now-a-days and made it look a little more considered rather than it just being white. The salt rocks are very visible sitting in the base.


ClevaMama ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Tap and hold the on button to turn the unit on. It has three light settings, a nice dimmed light which can be turned a little brighter by pressing the light button again. I’ve used it mostly with the lamp on its highest setting. It gives a nice calming glow without being too bright and creates a lovely atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing light in a bedroom or nursery. There are gaps in the base to release the effect of the salt.

Salt lamps have lots of benefits:
They can help to cleanse and deodorise the air
Help to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms
Ease coughing
Reduce electromagnetic radiation
Increase energy levels and enhance mood
Reduce static electricity in the air


The humidifying essence of the unit produces a nice mist which can help to eliminate airborne allergens and irritants that cause respiratory issues, especially in babies and young children. The nice thing too is that its very discreet, there’s not mountains of mist bellowing out of it. There are three levels of mist, just press the button again to increase the mist level. I loved the fact that it is continuous for 6 hours, no having to top it up and set it off again and again. It can also help with congestion issues so if you or your little one has a cold, sore throat or even dry itchy skin it can help.

It is super easy to refill, just lift the top off and pour the water in. There is a very clear maximum level inside so remember not to over fill it. Make sure you clean it out  every 3 days to keep it clean and avoid potential bacteria being dispersed into the air. It is super easy to clean, I just wiped around the inside with a piece of kitchen roll.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

I put a few drops of my favourite oil in the water which created a beautiful mist to make my room smell divine. I’ve tried a few different oils in it, cleaning it between each change to maximise on the aroma I wanted. My house smells so lovely when it is on, a bit like being in a spa! You can obviously use lavender or chamomile for creating that perfect bedtime aroma to help you or your little one fall asleep.

ClevaMama ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp


Can help with congestion issues so if you or your little one has a cold, sore throat or even dry itchy skin
The salt lamp has lots of great health benefits
Suitable for rooms up to 20M sq
Perfect light, not too bright
Continuous mist for 6 hours
Three light and mist settings so you can get the perfect light and mist to suit you


Quite expensive, but then it is essentially a three in one product, so worth the money with the multi-use functionality and all the benefits it has.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Yes, I would recommend this to other parents. Personally, I think its a lovely unit, may be a little on the large side but then I loved the amount of Himalayan salt rocks it came with to maximise on their benefits!

Click here to purchase the ClevaMama ClevaPure Salt Lamp.

Parenting Expert‘s verdict:

9.5 / 10


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