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Pop-in reusable nappies: All your questions answered

November 23, 2018

Many parents love the idea of reusable nappies. They are an environmentally friendly option that, even taking into consideration the extra washing loads, are more economical in the long run – and, let’s face it, they look adorable! In reality, lots of new mums and dads don’t take the jump from disposables because they’re worried about how complicated reusables might be to put together, put on and wash. If that’s you, check out this video showing exactly how Close Pop-in nappies work – and how easy they are to use by any parent, for any baby (no matter how big or small, or how much absorbency they might need to stay dry through the night!)

Find out more, and see how one mum got on trying reusable nappies, here.


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