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Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair review

March 27, 2018

Sophie (Mummy), Tiggy (7 months old), Gus and Jonty (2 and 6 year old) “helpers!” from Derbyshire were reviewing Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair.

What was in the box/ what did they receive to review:

We received the cutest (quite compact) but heaviest box we had ever taken delivery of. We couldn’t quite believe there was a highchair in there but we knew that the 3Sixti highchair had a personality before we even opened it as the box said “I may be heavy but I am still fragile”on it.

We opened the box to a neat little scene of carefully (but not overly) packed highchair parts.

First Impressions:

I will be honest, opening the box to 5 or 6 separate parts of the higchair was a little daunting at first but in actualy fact it was a piece of cake to put together. The instructions are so easy to follow and even threading the hinge rod through the slots to connect the seat base and back together was really easy. The covers slipped on and off the highchair shell really easily and the harness just popped through the slots in the back of the seat. Once it was popped together and I stood back and marvelled at my Mummy DIY skills my first thoughts were ‘Cute!’. I loved the pattern and how cosy and secure the seat looks. I also loved the really stable base. Stong, fun and functional are our overall first impressions I would say.


I will be honest, this is my second higchair for Tiggy aged 7 months. When Tiggy started weaning at 5 months old we got all over excited and chose what we as parents wanted: a highchair that had modern looks and fitted in with our newly designed kitchen. In truth it wasn’t very comfortable for Tiggy so when the 3sixti landed on our doorstep we were thrilled to set eyes on the deep and comfrotable almost egg shaped seat which really supported her from the back and at the sides.

We have used the 3sixti day in and day out for quite a while now and it still looks brand spanking new. It is the easiest piece of equipment to clean and the coveres slip off if needed and can be washed. The tray clips off with the buttons at either side and absolutely everything is wipeable (which is a good job as it turns out Miss Tiggy is a very messy eater!).

The harness is great, the sliders adjust the length and the buckle is easy to use. I regularly unclipped it with one hand whilst juggling a dirty bowl and baby wipes in the other hand. The tray also has a removable plate on top of it so when things got messy we just took this top tray off and popped it straight into the sink.

This highchair has a height adjustment too which was actually really useful. We tended to use the highchair at our kitchen island so had it on the highest setting but if you push the button on the base with your foot and push the chair down then the seat can be lowered. We used this function when we ate at the dining room table.

I must admit that this fun feature did also serve as a bit of an entertainment for Tiggy as she loved going up and down on the hydraulics of the chair! A bit like a fairground ride for babies! She was always strapped in of course!

The chair also spins around (the clue is in the name there!) to change direction so you can spin baby away from the table to lift them out easily. This is something I never thought of before but now we have used it we couldn’t be without it. It makes life so much easier not having to strain our backs when lifting Tiggy in and out of the chair.

We often moved the chair into the corner of the kitchen when it wasn’t in use mainly because the round base is quite big and our other little boys liked to either run over the top of it or trip over it which wasn’t ideal. I must warn you that lifting the 3sixti is a bit of a back breaker as it is really heavy but we forgave it this as its weight gave it great stability when Tiggy was kicking and giggling in it.

I am so, so glad that we have this highchair. It is comfortable and a total pleasure to use and to top it off the cute pattern adds an extra little ray of sunshine to our house especially on dull and dreary days.

  • Great height adjustment
  • Really comfortable seat
  • Totally wipeable
  • Rotation feature
  • Heavy so is hard to move from place to place

I would recommend this product to other parents.



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