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Drayton Wiser

May 14, 2018

Wiser is an innovative, affordable multi-room smart heating control system, which offers flexible ‘heating zones’ across the home.

Using the simple Wiser Heat app, users can remotely control heating across a number of rooms in a home, especially useful for new parents who wish to keep a safe and consistent temperature in the nursery and set other rooms to the desired temperature, maximising comfort and energy savings.

The system works alongside existing heating systems, meaning it can be easily installed into any home. The homeowner can expand the number of heating zones over time by adding more Wiser Radiator Thermostats – perfect as the family grows!

The system is DIY friendly and is made up of four key parts; Room Thermostat, Radiator Thermostats, Heat Hub and the app.

Wiser is compatible with voice control systems including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The price point is really compelling compared to other systems on the market.




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