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Easter present ideas for kids featuring a cute, fluffy Easter bunny sitting on grass with coloured easter eggs.

Easter Present Ideas for Babies and Kids

March 18, 2024

Welcome to our Easter present ideas for babies and kids! We’re all about celebrating but without overdoing it on the chocolate – well, almost! While chocolate bunnies and eggs are yummy treats, here at Parenting Expert, we’re all about thinking outside the box to bring some extra fun to your little ones this Easter. From cool toys to games the whole family can enjoy, come on a journey with us to find some awesome Easter goodies that will make this holiday extra special, minus the chocolate cravings!

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Rainbow Design Peter Rabbit: My First Flopsy Bunny

RRP – £19.99

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Flopsy Bunny with flower background

Introduce your little ones to the beloved Flopsy Bunny from Beatrix Potter’s classic tales. This charming rabbit, adorned in a knitted pink jacket and depicted with delightful detail, will keep baby smiling with every bounce and wiggle. Keep an eye out for the tiny butterfly peeking from her jacket pocket! Flopsy Bunny is ever-ready for a cozy cuddle and plenty of snuggles.

Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs

RRP: £10.99 (currently available from Amazon for £8.34)

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Toddle playing with Tomy eggs

What could be more perfect than Easter eggs with a difference? Watch your little one have hours of fun with shape-sorting entertainment! Squeeze these mischievous chicks to hear them chirp, or see if they can match them to the correct slots in the egg carton by pairing the faces with the right shell.  These lovely Tomy eggs are designed for little hands and are suitable for ages 6 months and up.

PLAYin CHOC Easter Chocolate Gift Box

RRP £13.50

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PLAYin chock Easter Gift

Although we said this is an Easter present idea without the sweet stuff for kids, we did have to sneak in just one chocolate gift idea. PLAYin CHOC have produced a delightful Easter Chocolate Gift Box for Kids. This gluten, nut and dairy-free set of six boxes, each one having chocolate and a  surprise 3D Puzzle Toy to make up. Perfect as a little treat!

Ten Minutes To Bed : Where’s the Easter Bunny?

RRP: £7.99 (currently available on Amazon for £4.00)

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ladybird book

Lots of parents and Grandparents like to buy books as gifts and the new, “Ten Minutes To Bed: Where’s the Easter Bunny?” is a perfect lift-the-flap book for you toddler’s library.  This joins the bestselling Ladybird Books bedtime series, captivating readers with its egg-citing lift-the-flap adventure. With over one million copies sold worldwide, this edition promises endless enjoyment.

Kaloo: Lapinoo Rabbit

RRP: £23.99 (currently available on Amazon for £19.15)

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Kaloo - Lapinoo - Rabbit Doll

My Lapinoo from Kaloo will captivate both children and parents with its unparalleled softness and adorable appearance.  It comes nestled in a beautiful customisable gift box with a heartfelt message. Lapinoo Rabbit is a lovely little Easter gift, and will spend many happy hours with your baby. It is suitable from birth upwards.

Janod Dino Surprise Eggs

RRP: £17.99 (currently available on Amazon for £13.50)

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Janod wooden eggs with dinosaurs

Janod Dino Surprise Eggs offer a delightful twist on traditional Easter treats. Inside each beautifully crafted wooden egg lies a hidden baby tyrannosaurus, triceratops or diplodocus. Inviting children on a journey of exploration and imagination. These durable and eco-friendly toys inspire creativity and curiosity while fostering fine motor skills. Perfect for Easter hunts or as educational gifts, they ensure hours of playful discovery. Suitable for 18 months +

Bunny Boo Game by SmartGames

RRP: £26.99

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Bunny Boo Game for Toddlers

Bunny Boo is an engaging puzzle game designed to challenge young minds. With colourful wooden blocks and adorable bunny figures, children explore spatial concepts while assembling various challenges. Each level presents new opportunities for problem-solving and creativity, making Bunny Boo a delightful and educational experience for kids. Suitable for 2 years old and upwards.

Ewan Deluxe from Sweet Dreamers

RRP : £39.95

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Baby asleep with Ewan Deluxe sheep sleep aid

Ewan is a cute plush sleep aid that emulates the soothing embrace of the womb, with a gentle red glow that encourages the production of melatonin. Ewan also has an array of comforting “pink and white noise” sounds, including authentic recordings of a heartbeat and womb. Equipped with the innovative MoonMode smartCRY sensor, Ewan responds to your baby’s movements, intuitively soothing and settling them back to sleep, meaning you also can get a good night’s sleep!

Rosa and Bo Woodland Friends Nesting Babies with Chiming Benji Bunny

RRP: £22.00

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Rosa and Bo Easter Set

From Rosa and Bo, these are a beautiful nesting set of cute animals. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Russian Doll design, these toys are crafted with safety in mind, perfect for tiny hands and water-safe for bath play-time. Parents can rest assured knowing they are BPA-free, offering peace of mind. Moreover, they offer valuable learning opportunities, such as counting, number recognition and developing fine motor skills. Perfect for your little ones, from 6 months – 3 years.

Infantino Glow in the Dark Bunny

RRP :£19.95

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Infantino Glow in the Dark Bunny set with teethers

Soothing relief of a teether with captivating toys, featuring a glow-in-the-dark cuddly bunny, complete with diverse teething textures and a spinning rattle teether. Designed to foster developmental growth, a lightweight spinning flower rattle invites babies to chomp, chew, spin, and shake, promoting tactile exploration. Multi-textured rattles and tethers further enhance sensory stimulation, providing an enriching play experience. Included in the set is a lovely rabbit, which absorbs natural or artificial light to emit a comforting glow for up to 20 minutes. BPA free.

Orchard Toys – Peter Rabbit Race

RRP: £10.00

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Orchard Toys Peter Rabbit Run Easter Game

Embark on a thrilling burrow adventure with this delightful matching game! Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy, and Mopsy dash through Mr. McGregor’s burrow, adding excitement to every match. Beware of Mr. McGregor lurking under the flowerpot! Ideal for kids aged 3 and up, it makes a perfect Easter present.

Sylvanian Families Easter Celebration Set

RRP : £21.99

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Sylvanian Families Easter Celebration Set wiih a family of rabbits

The ultimate retro ‘no chocolate’ Easter gift! This celebration set includes a Marguerite girl and boy rabbit, along with Easter eggs and assorted accessories. Fill the eggs with sweets for an exciting Easter egg hunt! Each one wears a different outfit and matching marguerite brooches. Your little one is bound to love these!

Curlimals Rainbow Bunny

RRP: £19.99 (currently on Amazon fr £19.39)

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Little Girl Holding Curlimals Bunny

This really is the most adorable little rainbow bunny, called Bo, who is just looking for a special child to care for them! These fantastic toy pets curl up into cute balls, talk, and respond to touch, captivating children instantly. Bo is an interactive cute little bunny who produces sweet sounds and responds to gentle touches.

Cry Babies Bunny

RRP £9.99 each at Smyths Toys and The Range.

Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Bunnies for Easter

Meet the adorable Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Bunnies! Collect Brooks, Honey, Lily, and Lola – each sold separately. Dressed in unique bunny pyjamas with matching dummy, they feature soft plastic heads and cuddly bodies. Fill them with water, press their heads, and watch them cry real tears.

Tamagotchi Original

RRP: £19.99

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Tamagotchi Easter Gifts

What about an Easter retro gift from the 90’s?  Meet the Originlal Tamagotchi. You can feed, play games, clean up, adjust the lights, administer medicine, and even discipline your digital pet when needed. With each play session, this little virtual pet can evolve into lots of different forms based on your care skills, offering endless hours of play. Equipped with a convenient chain, these Tamagotchi toys can accompany you wherever you go, ensuring you can care for them on the move.

Hurry Up Chicken Butt Game

RRP: £19.99 (currently available on Amazon for £19.61)

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Hurry Up Chicken Butt Family Game for Easter

Embark on egg-citing adventures with Hurry Up Chicken Butt! Crack open the fun with a Chicken Shaker, Play mats, Activity Cards, and the hilarious Chicken Butt Challenge. This action-packed game promises endless laughter and unforgettable family moments. Get ready to jump, dance, and giggle your way through silly challenges in a game that’s fast, funny, and different every time. Suitable for 2 – 6 players, ages 4+

Hide & Seek Favourites

RRP: £15.99 (Paw Patrol currently available on Amazon for £15)

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Children with Hide & Seek Favourites as an alternative Easter present

These egg-shaped characters from Paw Patrol are thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly in little hands. If Paw Patrol is not your little one’s favourite characters, then they are also available as Peppa Pig and George. Just twist the top to cover their eyes, then press the button to activate and listen for clues to find your ‘friend’. Available as a twin pack, they encourage problem-solving skills and can help to enhance hand-eye coordination. Also offering a fun opportunity for parents and children to play together.

Pabobo by Angelcare Mini Bunny Musical Stars Projector

RRP: £36.00 (currently available on Amazon for £24.90)

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Pabobo Bunny Nightlight for babies and toddlers

The Pabobo Mini Bunny Musical Stars Projector is a lovely mix of a plush bunny and a musical stars projector, creating a soothing starry sky on the bedroom ceiling. The plush bunny is easily washable as the projector is removable. It offers a choice of three gentle colours or a consistent projection for babies who prefer specific colours. The projector plays a soft lullaby with two sound levels, specially designed by Pabobo to calm children. Safety is ensured with cool LED lights that won’t overheat.

In wrapping up our guide to Easter present ideas for babies and kids, we’ve assembled a collection that skips the chocolate (almost!) but still brings excitement. From cuddly companions to interactive toys, each item promises to spark wonder and imagination. By exploring beyond the realm of sweetness, we’ve looked for games or books that encourage learning, exploration, and bonding moments. At Parenting Expert we believe it’s these types of gifts that speak volumes about nurturing growth and fostering precious moments of laughter and discovery. Remember that the true magic lies in the love and thoughtfulness behind each gesture. 

So, here’s to celebrating the wonder of childhood with gifts as delightful and unique as the little ones themselves! Happy Easter.

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