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Eat2treat Treatbox

May 14, 2018

We are the only lunchbox on the market that incorporates a bento-style container with our unique reward system approach to help to encourage children to eat a balanced lunch! The concept is simple, our boxes ‘hide the delights’ until the main food is eaten. Don’t want to pack ‘delights’? That’s fine, use our incentive packs as a way for your child to work towards a non-food related reward!

The lunchboxes are sectioned for variety and portion control, with a ‘secret’ bottom layer containing the ‘treats’ which is only revealed once the first layer has been finished. It’s an ‘if you eat your dinner you can have your pudding’ type approach.

Our Treatbox uses the collection of stars as an incentive to work towards a non-food reward. The magnetic stars insert onto the lid of the lunchbox, which acts as a reward chart, allowing children to easily track and monitor progress.

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