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Exciting New Technology from Maxi-Cosi

April 14, 2023

We bring you all the latest with this exciting new technology from Maxi-Cosi!

Today, Maxi-Cosi launched their ground-breaking and innovative SlideTechTM technology, a global first in the world of car seats! While a parent is putting their child in or taking them out of the car, the car seat can rotate AND move towards them, setting an ergonomic precedent. At Parenting Expert, we love car seats and helping to keep children safe. This launch from Maxi-Cosi is certainly the most exciting development we have seen for some time. The Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family really has set a new benchmark for car seat innovation. It will be available from all reputable shops in the UK and Ireland from April 24, 2023.

Taking the Lead

Since developing the first infant car seat in the 1980s, Maxi-Cosi has taken the lead in terms of safety, innovation, and research. They have transported more than 60 million newborns from hospitals to their homes. Maxi-Cosi is to car seats what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. The FamilyFix 360 Pro base’s revolutionary SlideTechTM technology enables parents to effortlessly lock, slide, spin, and go!

Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family – a game changer for families

The new, revolutionary Maxi-Cosi system, which also includes the FamilyFix 360 Pro Sliding Base, the ideal match for the Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro car seats features SlideTechTM. FlexiSpin, a sophisticated 360° rotative technology that enables Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro to be easily rotated with just one hand in any reclined position, is another feature of the FamilyFix 360 Pro slide-out base. This new product is poised to change the game for parents in terms of comfort and convenience. It has been thoroughly tested and approved and has received the endorsement of healthcare specialists, 

Product Director Guillaume Sauvetre states: “At Maxi-Cosi, we strive to develop the safest, most comfortable solutions. We have created the 360 Pro Family as a solution to parents’ biggest frustrations when taking their little ones in and out of the car seat – such as not having enough space to move in and around the car, buckling up little ones, and bumping their head on the door frame. The features are designed to make car seat struggles a thing of the past!”

Let’s take a look at the Pro Family in more detail

FamilyFix 360 Pro by Maxi-Cosi ( £219.99)

Everyday tasks are simplified by a revolutionary slide-out base.

Using FlexiSpin and SlideTechTM technology, parents can rotate the seat 360 degrees in either direction using just one hand, which is perfect when you have your baby or toddler in your arms. You can tell when the seat is safely installed by the visual indicators on the base.

The FamilyFix 360 Pro base is compatible with the Pearl 360 Pro and Pebble 360 Pro car seats.

We love the fact that the Pearl 360 Pro can be rotated in any reclined position – many similar seats you have to pop the seat into the upright position to spin. There is also a TravelSafe Rotation Control lock to ensure that your baby is at least 15 months old before you move them forward-facing – however, we would recommend that you keep them rear-facing far longer. 

Pebble 360 Pro by Maxi-Cosi (£259)

Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro

The Pebble Pro is a favourite iSize infant carrier among parents and can be laid flat either in the car or on the chassis of your pushchair. In fact, it reclines to 168°. The Pebble Pro is suitable from birth to 75cm which is around 15 months. Perceived to be one of the most comfortable infant carriers, it comes with a comfortable and supportive Baby-hugg inlay and is made from 100% EcoCare fabrics. The ClimaFlow textiles help control your baby’s temperature. We love the G-CELL Side Impact Technology which shields against side-on collision forces. 

Maxi-Cosi Pearl 360 Pro (£319)

Maxi-Cosi 360 Pearl

The Pearl 360 Pro is a one seat iSize solution for parents who do not want an infant carrier. It lasts from birth to 105cm (around 4 years old). The Pearl 360 Pro rotates in any recline position when used in conjunction with the FamilyFix 360 Pro base and with its luxurious EcoCare 100% recycled fabrics and ClimaFlow it offers a safe, secure and comfortable riding experience for your little one. 

What do we think?

Your little ones will rest comfortably and sleep soundly owing to the Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro’s distinctive extended reclining positions. Both seats have been put through rigorous testing by Maxi-Cosi to provide outstanding safety and comfort for children between the ages of 0 and 4. Importantly, both of these seats are easy for parents to use.

With three reclining modes, including a unique full lie-flat position (that can be used in both cars and when connected to compatible pushchairs), the Pebble 360 Pro offers the utmost level of comfort for infants aged 0 to 15 months. The Pearl 360 Pro has five recline positions, providing toddlers with the most comfort whether they are asleep or awake during the trip.

The 360 Pro Family is equipped with features including an anti-misuse lock to guarantee rearward-facing use for at least 15 months. It has integrated ISOFIX connectors, and indicators that light green when the base and seat are securely fastened in order to meet the highest i-Size safety standards. Each product is put through extensive testing, which ensures that it not only adheres to the most recent regulatory requirements but also far exceeds them. Maxi- Cosi’s are known to have high standards for both quality and safety.

Parents may rest easy knowing that the collection is made to abide by the most recent i-Size ECE R129 criteria and has demonstrated durability through the brand’s strict internal testing methods. Also, the 360 Pro Family has the endorsement and approval of independent healthcare specialists and has been awarded the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) Seal of Approval for back pain prevention goods.

Availability – April 24, 2023, the 360 Pro Family of goods will be available throughout the UK.

Visit www.maxi-cosi.co.uk for more info

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