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Flexi Holder – The Universal Baby Monitor Holder

May 8, 2018

Problem: you have a baby video monitor but you can’t see your baby properly and see more of the cot spindles or other furniture instead.

Solution: The Flexi Holder – the Universal Baby Monitor Holder. It is made from metal (not cheap plastic) and has a shelf for the video monitor to sit on. It has a strong clamp allowing it to grip to various furniture (no more than 20mm in width) around the nursery, without creating any holes in walls. It’s flexible hose allows it to bend into position to give you a better view of your baby in their cot.

The Flexi Holder solves a real problem for parents that didn’t realise their nursery won’t be suitable to hold a baby monitor. No need to re-design your nursery; use our Flexi Holder instead. Being portable, you can even take it away on holiday with you. Currently available in two gender neutral colours; white and black.


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