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#fridaylive Cocktails (and Mocktails) Special!

July 13, 2018

Summer’s well and truly here and we’re in holiday mode this week with a fabulous array of ingredients for shaking up the easiest (but most fun and delicious) cocktails possible – both alcoholic and pregnancy and child-friendly!

If you really want to look and play the part, we’re giving away a gorgeous nine-piece copper Parisian cocktail set from VonShef. So, armed with their finest mixologist’s toys, Jo and Mark are stirring up some fruity, refreshing and even glittery concoctions, perfect for baby showers, garden parties and teenage birthday bashes (or just for a Friday night to celebrate reaching the weekend!).

It seems it’s all about being cool as a cucumber when the weather’s hot. We’ve got cucumber gin from The English Drinks Company, Qcumber sparkling cucumber water, and cucumber & watermelon as one of the amazing flavour pairings in the tonic water and mixer range from Double Dutch (pomegranate & basil, anyone?).

We’ve also got some all-natural versions of traditional mixers from Gusto Organics – think real cherry cola made with organic cherry juice, cola nut and essential oils – and healthier carob fruit syrup to use in place of sugar syrup. We knew these drinks were good for us!

For something really fun, that’s guaranteed to have children of all ages getting in on the mocktail-making act, check out these Drinks Shimmers and Bursting Juicy Bubbles from Pop a Ball. Definitely one for party time!

Now, just for the grown-ups, here’s our quick round-up of cocktail essentials that would also make fantastic gifts. Watch Jo and Mark trying out summer fruit vodka from Bimber Distillery, White Heron British Cassis (don’t miss Jo’s awesome top tip on this one!), Russian Standard vodka, Zubrowka bison grass vodka and the Godminster A Bloody Good Mary set on the show.

Of course, it’s no use creating the perfect drink if it isn’t served in the perfect glass – but we’ve got that covered too. Fun, colourful tumblers, beautiful vintage champagne saucers or ultra-glam brushed gold margarita glasses… Cheers!

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