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Gaia Baby Nursery Furniture Set

May 13, 2018

The Gaia Baby 4 in 1 Complete Sleep system grows in perfect symmetry with your baby from birth up to 5 years old. With its soft contours and smooth flowing lines, the Gaia Baby Complete Sleep creates a tranquil and calm environment for your baby’s sleep.

The 1st stage ‘Bedside Cot’ is ideal for use in parents’ room and offers dual mattress height options for use from birth-2yrs.

As soon as baby is ready to move to the nursery, the 2nd stage ‘Maxi Cot’ (parts included) securely & comfortably accommodates a child from 0mths-3yrs.

As baby becomes an inquisitive toddler, gently transition to the Stage 3 Toddler Bed from 3-4 yrs (parts included).

For the first steps towards independent sleeping , the ‘Toddler Bed’ transitions smoothly to 4th stage ‘First Bed’ for 4-5yr olds (parts included):

Your 4 in 1 Complete Sleep can also be adapted for use as a Co-sleeping Crib (parts sold separately) and you can also extend the life of your Complete Sleep with the Junior Bed Extension Kit (parts sold separately) for kids up to 10years.

Simply beautiful parenting.



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