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Happy Hopperz Review

July 5, 2018
Mumii VIP Sue has been having fun in the garden with her grandchildren, aged very-nearly-4 and 20 months, and the rest of the Lancashire family, trying out a Happy Hopperz for us.


This is a lovely looking, good quality product that could be great for many children. The Triceratops we were sent is a lovely colour and has a cute, attractive smile. We did find, however, that our grandson could handle it better than our younger granddaughter, who struggled to get on and off it. She tried many times and, although she is quite a big toddler, still managed to topple over when both mounting and dismounting.

When she did manage to step over it she could bounce gently and enjoyed the activity but when she was a little more confident she pulled it right out from under herself whenever she bounced more vigorously. We did feel that the horns were perhaps too short and a bit too pointed as she needed to lean forwards to hold on to them and occasionally fell forward onto the horns with her face. Perhaps one of the other animals would have been easier for her to handle, so that might be worth bearing in mind when choosing.

Our grandson could bounce well but also managed to pull it out from under himself when bouncing boisterously. He found it great fun to jump over and proved that it was very sturdy when he practised his balancing on it.

We all felt that this was a great product and would certainly recommend to other parents, although I think we would choose a different animal for our children another time. We also felt that it would be better for slightly older children than our 20-month-old.


  • Cute, attractive and very good quality
  • Love the style and look
  • Good for gentle bouncing


  • Horns too short and pointed
  • Perhaps a little too lightweight
  • Quite easy to fall off


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