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Harry & Rose agrees exclusive deal with Boots

June 21, 2018

Ambitious British luxury baby skincare brand Harry & Rose has confirmed an exclusive agreement with Boots. The leading high-street retailer will be the sole supplier of the Harry & Rose Baby Bonding Gift Set, which is now available to buy nationwide in more than 500 of its stores and online this week.

Owner Alba Cusworth set up the baby skincare company two years ago to enhance the overall baby skincare routine and take care of baby’s sensitive skin. All Harry & Rose products are developed and manufactured in the UK and Cusworth is naturally delighted to have secured a deal with Boots.

The Harry & Rose Baby Bonding Gift Set has been developed with natural and organic ingredients and includes a Baby Soft Lotion, Baby Hair-Body Wash and Bamboo Wash Mitt. Both products have a gentle pH, which is soft enough for daily use and suitable for newborns and babies with sensitive skin.

Cusworth said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Harry & Rose has been recognised by a leading UK retailer and am looking forward to working with Boots to help us reach our full potential in the baby skincare industry.

“As a parent myself, I know about the importance of taking care of your baby’s everyday needs. I believe that what goes on your baby’s skin matters and should be lovingly formulated and of excellent quality. I’ve worked extremely hard on developing our luxury baby skincare range, which has been uniquely formulated to bring a sense of wellbeing and preserve the natural balance of sensitive skin.

“I am proud to manufacture our range in Great Britain, which delivers high safety standards and echoes our brand origins.”

The gift set has been branded by Harry & Rose as ‘bonding’ as Cusworth believes bonding time between a parent and baby can strengthen the baby’s social and emotional development. She said: “I believe babies are little miracles, full of innocence. I am confident that if we shower the next generation of babies with love, care and attention we are bound to have a better world that loves, cares and is mindful of others and of its surroundings.

“I know that the first years of a baby’s life are crucial to their emotional wellbeing and personal development, so I am delighted to have developed a gift set that can encourage a positive experience and make a difference to a baby’s life.”

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