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Homework at Primary School should be banned

April 19, 2018

I think homework for Primary aged children should be banned – well at least until Year 6 so that they can get ready for secondary school.

Why? Kids should be allowed to just be kids after school and at the weekends. It SHOULD be quality family time but oh no, it ends up being ‘quality family argument time’. It causes so much flipping stress! Why can’t my kids just relax at the weekends rather than doing even more writing and maths?

Don’t even get me started on the so-called projects they are expected to complete. Build a Viking Boat – who on earth happens to have all the materials at home so cue quick trip (and expensive trip) to The Range. PLUS when you go into school with the boat your 7 year old has lovingly spent all weekend making and painting (at great expense and with great mess which they NEVER clear up), you then find that another parent has built the damn boat for their child – you know the parent – the one who happens to be an architect and can build models with their eyes closed BUT it’s not the child’s work and this drives me to distraction! Why don’t the teachers realise this??? My kids gets a Well Done sticker and the other kid shows his boat in assembly. So unfair.

So my rant has to be homework. Ban it, burn it, do what you like with it but don’t send it home for my kids to do.


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