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Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum

Review : Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum

June 9, 2023

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10

My name is Catherine and I am one of the in-house Parenting Expert review team. I am a bit of a vacuum collector and a few for different uses (strange I know) so I was really pleased to review the Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Price: £379 (on sale at time of publishing at £279).

What’s in the box?

  • Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • UK Charging Plug
  • 2-in-1 Dusting/ Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Wall Mount
  • User Manual

First Impressions

Straight out of the box the Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum was super easy to put together, it was assembled and vacuuming in no time at all! It feels solid and all the components clipped on with a reassuring click.


The vacuum is super lightweight (3.4kg to be exact) and easy to manoeuvre. I began vacuuming and was super impressed, then I realised I was vacuuming carpet on the hard floor setting. So once I’d changed the setting to carpet I was even more impressed!

Looks and design

It is super sleek and lightweight. It takes up minimal space when not in use, stands upright without support and comes with a wall attachment so you can hang it neatly away.


There are 2 main functions on this vacuum – carpet and hard floor. It is easy to switch between the two by pressing the ‘mode’ button on the top. An illuminated symbol displays which setting you are on.

The battery life time shown in minutes is displayed on to the top too so you can easily see how much vacuuming time you have before needing to charge.

It also has a turbo feature which is great, but beware, the battery life is reduced dramatically when you switch to this mode. For example at the moment I have 20 minutes of battery displayed, when I switch to turbo mode it reduces to 7 minutes.

Emptying it was a doddle. Press the release button located on the stick to remove the handheld unit then press another button to release the flap to open. You may have to get your fingers in to pull our stubborn hair and fluff, but this is pretty normal for a bagless vacuum. Make sure you don’t let it get too full and ensure you empty all the fluff out of it otherwise you could get an error code flash up.

It claims to be anti-twist… does it actually work?

I have a very well know vacuum brand which claims to be anti-twist and I am forever having to cut the hair from the roller, it drives me insane. Both myself and my daughter have long hair, and I have two dogs, so vacuums get a good run for their money when it comes to anti-twist claims. The Hoover HF9 anti-twist really does work! I haven’t had to mess around declogging and cutting hair from the roller once! One BIG tick in my book!

You can remove the top of the main floor section to give the roller a good clean. It is release with the slide of a button.

Hoover HF9 Vacuum


The main floor section of the vacuum is removed easily by gently pressing your foot on the side catch and lift off. The dusting and crevice tools are very useful and are easy to attach and remove. The dusting tool can be used with a hard end or slide the soft brushes down with the push of a button. This is great for vacuuming tops of curtains and furniture.

You can use the vacuum with the tools on the end of the stick or just with the handheld section of the vacuum. You can also use in handheld mode with the main floor section which is ideal for stairs and vacuuming the car.

Hoover HF9 Vacuum


The run time from a full charge is 30 mins which is adequate for a medium sized house. My house is 5 bed and wouldn’t be able to hoover it all on one charge. I got around this by doing upstairs, putting it on charge while I cleaned bathrooms etc and then started again downstairs. It takes around 3 and a half hours to charge to full.

It claims to vacuum 120sqm on a full charge.

Overall I think this is a great vacuum, and I have tried them all believe me! Lightweight, compact, easy to push, picks ups well, doesn’t get hair twisted in the roller and is easy to empty. My only problem with it is the black rubber buffers on the front of it. They marked my (newly painted) skirting boards. It does come off with a cloth and some spray but it was rather annoying to have to follow myself around scrubbing marks off skirting boards.

Hoover HF9 Vacuum

  • Super lightweight
  • Compact for ease of storage
  • Anti-twist really does work!
  • Easy to see how long you have left in the battery
  • Change from hard floor to carpet with the push of a button
  • Simple to empty
  • Leaves black rubber marks on skirting boards

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Yes, I would recommend the Hoover HF9 Anti-twist Cordless Stick Vacuum to other parents. It really is a great product and the anti-twist really does work!

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10


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