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How To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt At Home

April 4, 2023

An Easter Egg hunt at home is a fun way to celebrate Easter with your family and friends. Here are some tips for hosting a successful Easter Egg hunt. 

Plan ahead

Decide on a date and time for the Easter Egg hunt and make sure everyone participating knows the details. You can also decide on the number of eggs to hide and any special rules for the hunt.

Purchase supplies

You’ll need plastic eggs to hide, as well as small treats or prizes to put inside them. Plastic eggs mean that the hunt can go ahead whatever the weather. You can also use markers or stickers to decorate the eggs and make them more festive. Kids love to do this beforehand.

Choose Hiding Spots

Pick a few different spots around your home or garden to hide the eggs. Make sure to choose places that are safe and easily accessible for all participants.

Set Up The Hunt

Hide the eggs before the participants arrive. You can also divide the eggs by colour or number to make the hunt more challenging.

Let the hunt begin

Once everyone is ready, start the Easter Egg hunt! Encourage participants to find as many eggs as they can within a set amount of time.

Award Prizes

After the hunt is over, gather everyone together to count the eggs and award prizes. You can also have a special prize for the person who finds the most eggs or a golden egg.


Remember to have fun and enjoy the Easter Egg hunt at home with your family and friends!

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