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iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain Review

July 5, 2024

Just in time for summer, iCandy launched their new iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain, designed for active families. We were thrilled to receive one prior to launch for review. Read the iCandy All-Terrain review to find out just what we thought after we had tested it in all conditions!

The Peach All-Terrain has been around since 2016, before that it was known as the iCandy Jogger. In fact we had one of the first Joggers to hit the UK back in 2012! The All-Terrain has always fitted comfortably around the Peach and Orange, but offers something a little more ‘rugged’ for families who relish those off-road adventures. We were keen to see whether the Peach 7 All-Terrain really would work during all weather and across all terrains. Although the All-Terrain can be used as a tandem pushchair, for the purpose of this review, we are largely concentrating on it being used as a single pushchair.

Read our in-depth review to find out more.

The Basics*


  • iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain


  • iCandy

Available Colours

  • Storm Grey with Nimbus Chassis


  • from £1,249 (Combo)

What’s in the box?

For the purpose of this review, we are looking at the basic ‘Combo’, but you can purchase more enhanced bundles (see below)

  • Chassis in ‘Nimbus’
  • 4-Wheel Conversion Kit
  • Single Wheel
  • All-Terrain Back Wheels
  • Seat Unit/Carrycot Frame
  • Seat Unit Fabric
  • Carrycot Fabric and Apron
  • Carrycot Baseboard and Staybars
  • Carrycot Mattress
  • Canopy
  • Car Seat Adaptors
  • Elevator Adaptors
  • Bumper Bar
  • Rain cover


  • 5 years

iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain at a glance


  • Suitable from birth (with carrycot attachment) up to 25kg (approximately 4 years old).

Fold mechanism

  • One-handed fold
  • Freestanding
  • Auto-lock

Handle Bar

  • Leatherette
  • Adjustable
  • Range 93cm – 102cm


  • Suitable for overnight sleep
  • Peach 7 All-Terrain carrycot: 90cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 30 cm (D)

Seat unit

  • Suitable from c.6 months
  • Reversible seat unit with three recline positions
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Peach 7 All-Terrain seat unit: 90cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 18cm (D)
  • Seat Weight Limit – 25kg (no elevators); 15kg (when using elevators)


  • 5-point harness with comfort pads
  • Height adjustable


  • Puncture-proof PU tyres
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Suspension


  • UPF 50+ sun canopy with extendable sun visor and ventilation


  • Weight Limit – 10kg
  • Capacity 44 litres

Compatible Car Seats

  • iCandy Cocoon Infant Carrier
  • iCandy Halo (launching soon)
  • Compatible seats from Cybex, Joie, and Nuna are available.

Additional Features

  • Two sets of front wheels

Accessories Available

  • Converter Base and Baseboard  (RRP £299)
  • Second Seat Fabric (RRP £179)
  • Second Carrycot Fabric  (RRP £179)
  • Footmuff & Liner (RRP £149)
  • Changing Bag (RRP £169)
  • Universal Cup Holder (RRP £17)
  • Cup holder/Screen Clamp (RRP £6)
  • Screen (RRP £33)
  • Universal Travel Bag  (RRP £132)
  • Parasol (RRP £33)
  • iCandy Cocoon Car Seat + Base (RRP £349)
  • iCandy Cocoon Base Only (RRP £149)

Bundles Available

You can buy the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain in a myriad of bundles, designed to meet your family’s needs.

Combo Bundle (single)
  • Pushchair with 1 x Seat Unit
  • Carrycot x 1
Complete Bundle

As Combo Bundle PLUS –

  • Changing Bag
  • Footmuff
  • Parasol
  • Cup Holder
  • Screen
  • Clamp
Complete Car Seat Bundle

As Complete Bundle PLUS –

  • Cocoon i-Size Car Seat
  • ISOFIX Base
Double Bundle
  • Pushchair with 2 Seat Units
  • Carrycot x 1
Double Complete Bundle

As Double Bundle PLUS –

  • Changing Bag
  • Footmuff x 2
  • Parasol x 2
  • Cup Holder
  • Screen x 2
  • Clamp
Double Complete Car Seat Bundle

As Double Complete Bundle PLUS –

  • Cocoon i-Size Car Seat
  • ISOFIX Base
Twin Bundle
  • Pushchair with 2 Seat Units
  • Carrycot x 2
Twin Complete Bundle

As Twin Bundle PLUS –

  • Changing Bag
  • Footmuff x 2
  • Parasol x 2
  • Cup Holder
  • Screen x 2
  • Clamp
Twin Complete Car Seat Bundle

As Twin Complete Bundle PLUS –

  • Cocoon i-Size Car Seat x 2
  • ISOFIX Base x 2

The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain Review

First Impressions

We had high hopes for this updated version of iCandy’s All-Terrain stroller and were excited to finally get our hands on it.

As soon as you open the box, you are met with ‘Quick Glance’ Instructions printed on the actual box. These cover all the basics – attaching the rear wheels; how to open the chassis; how to adjust the handle height and how to operate the brake. We love this touch, as let’s face it, opening your pushchair is exciting and you don’t want to have to read through a massive instruction manual. You want to get it out and set up as soon as possible! However, in reality, this pushchair comes in a box containing a multitude of parts. If you have never put a pushchair together this might be a little over-whelming. Just remember you only need to do it once!

The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is a nice-looking pushchair – rugged yet sophisticated at the same time. It’s a one-frame, two-option solution. To put this simply, you get one frame which you use to attach the carrycot. Once your little one is ready to progress onto the seat unit, you unzip the carrycot fabrics and zip on the seat fabrics. Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t and means that you don’t have lots to store away when you are not using it!


The chassis has a stylish gun-metal finish. It is powder-coated and although you cannot avoid some scratches to your pushchair, this is of high quality and will be less susceptible than other models. The chassis is robust and sturdy. It has a go-anywhere feel to it. The chassis is made from 6000-series aluminium alloy. To you and I, that basically means it is incredibly strong and highly resistant to corrosion which is particularly important for an all-terrain pushchair.


Wheels and tyres are incredibly important on any pushchair. However, on all-terrain pushchairs, they are naturally going to take some hammering. We have always been impressed with the wheels on previous iCandy All-Terrain pushchairs but the latest version has even bigger wheels to improve the ride for your little one. They have also improved the tread on the tyres to give added grip in wet and muddy conditions.

The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain comes with 2 wheel options included. You can either use this as a 3-wheel or 4-wheel pushchair. In single mode (one child) you can use either option. In double mode (two children), you have to use the 4-wheel option. It is very easy to move from one option to the other. In 3-wheel mode, press the button on the front of the casing and the wheel easily pops out. To change to 4-wheel mode, simply attach the double-wheel component in a similar way. Please note that depending on your wheel choice, this also affects the weight capacity of the basket.

The tyres are made from high quality PU to give them not only durability, but a smooth ride too. These are ‘chunky’ wheels which you would expect on an all-terrain pushchair. We love the ‘beefy’ look to them which adds to the aesthetics of this pushchair. They are very hard-wearing which definitely gets the thumbs up from us.

How to lock the iCandy All-Terrain wheels?

The majority of the time, you will use your iCandy All-Terrain in swivel mode. However, there are times when the ability to lock the front wheel(s) is a bonus. For example, on really rough terrain or going up / down high steps (eg getting on a bus!). In 3-wheel version, simply twist the ridged knob in the centre and this will lock them. In 4-wheel mode, simply push the lever down which is situated behind each front wheel.


The handlebar on the All-Terrain is again made from durable material. It has a leatherette handle designed for all weathers – it has the same finish as the iCandy Cerium. This makes it very comfortable to push and easily wiped for muddy situations. The handle can be adjusted by depressing the large button under the centre of the handlebar. Adjustable from 93cm to 102cm, this handlebar is perfect for parents and caregivers of most heights!

The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain features a beautiful handlebar that stays pristine thanks to a clever design element. On the top of the handlebar sits a substantial rubber pad with the iCandy logo. This thoughtful touch ensures that when the stroller is folded, it’s the rubber that makes contact with the ground, protecting the handlebar from scratches.

For added ease, the handlebar has discreet changing bag hooks. Simply hang your changing bag on them to keep it secure and prevent it from slipping around during your adventures.


The basket on the All-Terrain is substantial, as are all the iCandy baskets. The durable base of the basket ensures that it will remain in great condition even if you have been ‘off-roading’. It even has a drainage hole on the bottom in case you end up rushing through lots of muddy puddles!  It’s a sturdy basket that will carry up to 10kg when used in either three-wheel mode or four-wheel mode. It’s a 44-litre basket so you will have plenty of room for all your shopping!


As mentioned above, the carrycot and the seat unit share the same frame. Whilst this may initially seem rather daunting, we can assure you it isn’t. Remember you fit it once, and then remove it after around 6 months. You would only need to re-attach it again should you have another baby!

How to fit the iCandy All-Terrain carrycot fabrics

The included instructions will guide you on how to fit the carrycot fabrics, However, we didn’t need to read the instructions as it seems very obvious – considering we have made hundreds of carrycots over the years, we are at a bit of an advantage!!

The outer carrycot fabrics are easy to zip in place – you do have to remember to ‘thread’ the support guides into the top piece of the frame before you attach them together (you have been warned as it is easy to miss this step out)! You then add the baseboard and attach the struts which give the carrycot its rigidity and pull these into place – you will have to use your muscles to do this! Your next step is to zip in the white liner which is super easy. Pop in the mattress, attach the canopy (hood) with the zips, and then use the poppers to secure it. Attach the bumper bar and voilá – you are ready to go!

Carrycot features

On the bottom of the carrycot are 4 little feet which allow excellent airflow when your carrycot is placed on the floor. This also keeps the base of your carrycot clean.

We are thrilled that the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain carrycot is safety tested for overnight sleep. We would recommend that parents use their carrycot for daytime naps, it will then make a great ‘travel cot’ in those early months, as your baby will be used to sleeping in it.  As with the iCandy Orange 4, we would have loved to see the addition of a carrycot stand as an accessory to allow easy use as a Moses basket!

The carrycot itself is spacious and luxurious as you would expect from iCandy. It is a lovely place to pop your newborn for all those family adventures. A breathable and high-quality mattress offers good spinal support for your baby. The interior of the carrycot is lined with a soft finish.

The carrycot easily slots onto the chassis and you hear an audible ‘click’ once it is in place. To remove the carrycot, press in the round buttons on either side. We did find this slightly stiff initially but with use, it should become easier. We would have liked to see memory buttons here to make removal a little easier.

Carrycot Apron

The apron on the carrycot is absolutely gorgeous. It is thick and the interior is lined with fleece. If your baby’s little legs kick up in the air, they will be met with ultra-soft material.

Our only little niggle about the carrycot is that we wish the ‘lip’ of the apron went a little higher. This is a pushchair designed for getting out and about with your baby what-ever-the-weather and a higher ‘lip’ would have added a little more protection from the elements. We also found it does not zip right to the top, leaving a tiny gap which may not be ideal on windy days. However, in the summer this offers a little extra ventilation.

How to attach and remove the carrycot

The carrycot is simple to attach to the chassis and in single mode attaches to the inbuilt adapters in the centre of the chassis. To remove it, you simply press the circular button below the bumper bar on one side with one hand. Gently tip the carrycot slightly and then release the other side of the carrycot in the same way. We would have loved to see memory buttons to make this process slightly less cumbersome.

Seat Unit

Once your little one outgrows the carrycot around 6 months, you will be ready to pack it away and move on to the seat unit. One of the benefits of having one frame for both the carrycot and the seat unit is that now you don’t have a massive carrycot to store, just the fabrics, baseboard, and mattress.

How to attach the seat fabrics on the iCandy All-Terrain

It is very easy to attach the seat fabrics – they just zip into place and then you attach the canopy in the same way as you did for the carrycot. It is recommended that once you transition your baby from a carrycot to a pushchair seat they begin in the flattest position possible. At no point should you be tempted to sit your little one too upright so that they are in the slumped position.


The seat unit is very padded and should protect your little one even when travelling over rough terrain. One of the stand-out features of the All-Terrain is the quality of the finish on the fabrics. The fabrics are extremely durable and perfect for adventurous families with toddlers on the go. The subtle mottled effect on the fabrics will help hide any marks that are inevitable on a pushchair. The base of the footrest is made from a wipe-clean material and we would have liked to have seen this extended slightly to save the fabrics from muddy boots from your adventurous toddler. We appreciate it may not look quite as nice, but all-terrain pushchairs are designed for on-the-go families who are bound to have a puddle-splashing toddler at some point wearing wellies.

It is a spacious seat and should last your little one until they are walking full-time. It has deep sides offering lots of protection for your little one from the elements, especially during winter months.

An adjustable calf rest, which can be moved into 3 different positions, is a handy addition. Younger children like their calfs supported whereas older children are less bothered by this.

The back of the seat unit is made from the same durable and weather-proof material the carrycot is made from. This is very practical as it can easily be wiped clean after any muddy adventures. On the back is an extremely useful pocket with an additional mesh pouch on the outside. This is large enough for your mobile phone or perhaps some easy-accessible snacks for the journey.

How to attach and remove the seat unit

The seat unit is easy to attach to the chassis. it’s the same process as the carrycot. To remove simply press the circles where the seat joins the chassis. As with the carrycot, we would have loved to see memory buttons to make life just that little bit easier.

Seat Recline

The recline on the All-Terrain is easily managed with one hand using the squeeze lever in the middle of the top edge of the seat. It is recommended that once you transition your baby from a carrycot to a pushchair seat they begin in the flattest position possible. At no point should you be tempted to sit your little one too upright so that they are in the slumped position. The seat reclines and sits up effortlessly and silently so you won’t wake your sleeping beauty! With the seat parent-facing or world-facing mode there are 4 positions. The lie-flat position is excellent for sleeping toddlers.


The iCandy All-Terrain is equipped with a substantial harness keeping your little one in situ even on the roughest of journeys. It is extremely well padded which we love. The harness stands proud from the seat allowing you to easily get the most wriggly of toddlers in place without having to hunt for a harness behind their back.

It is a 5-point harness which is pretty standard for pushchairs. The harness straps are fully adjustable. To change the height of the shoulder straps, you simply slide it up and down. This is perfect if one day your little one is wearing a thick jacket and the next day it’s t-shirt weather; very typical it seems in the UK at the moment! We love the easy-slide harness with its adjustable head support!

The buckle is hard-wearing and does what it needs to do. Both sides can be attached separately. Many pushchairs now have a magnetic buckle which makes life even easier, but this is not a feature of the All-Terrain.

Bumper Bar

The bumper bar is used on both the carrycot and the seat unit. It easily slots into position and is gate-opening from either side. This makes getting your little one in and out a breeze. You can open it from either side, making it easy for left or right-handed parents. It is covered in the same leatherette as the handlebar and is well-padded too.

Canopy (Carrycot or Seat Unit)

The canopy on the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is used on both the carrycot and the seat unit. It is made from a very durable material (polyester). The SPF50+ canopy has a zip which reveals an extra panel to keep your little one protected from the elements. There is also a mesh panel that can be revealed at the back for added ventilation during those warmer months. It also acts as a peep window to keep an eye on your little on when they are in world-facing mode. The interior of the canopy is light silver with the iCandy logo subtly printed on it. There is an extra sun visor that you can flip out – in truth we envisage that families will have this out most, if not all of the time.

Rain cover

One rain cover is included fitting easily onto both the carrycot and the seat unit. There is nothing in particular to highlight about the rain cover for the All-Terrain – it just does what it needs to do!


Included with the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain are ‘elevators’ allowing you to elevate the seat unit or carrycot. We love this addition. It is very useful if you need to use your pushchair as a highchair as this lifts the seat unit to the perfect table height. These are very simple to fit and just slot in where you attach the seat unit. The elevators are also used when in tandem (double) mode to lift the seat unit or second carrycot away from the lower carrycot.

Car Seat Adapters

These are included as standard which is great as many parents forget to buy these when purchasing their first pram/pushchair. They are very easy to fit as they slot into where you would attach either the carrycot or seat unit. There are a number of car seats you can use including iCandy’s Cocoon and Halo (which launches soon). This pushchair is also compatible with various Joie, Nuna, and Cybex car seats which have been safety tested with the All-Terrain.


Folding and unfolding the chassis of the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is not particularly tricky. You cannot fold this pushchair with the seat unit on which you can on some of the other models for example the iCandy Orange 4.

How to fold the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain

To fold just the chassis, firmly push the handle slightly lower than the lowest handle height position whilst holding in the large button on top of the handle. You will feel the locking mechanism release. This can all be done with one hand. Drop the handle to the floor and pick up using the carry strap – this will fold and lock the chassis into position. You will hear an audible click. Once folded, the chassis will self-stand which is a useful feature.

To make the fold smaller, you can easily remove the wheels (whether in 3-wheel or 4-wheel mode) of course.

How to unfold the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain

The easiest way to unfold the All-Terrain Chassis is to have it in the self-standing position and stand behind the handlebar. To the right on the interior of the chassis you will see a grey button. Press this in and gently push the front of the chassis out. The wheel will roll out. Pick up the handlebar until you hear a firm click. Attach the carrycot or seat unit and you are ready to go.


The iCandy All-Terrain is a true all-terrain pushchair. Many manufacturers boast they have all-terrain wheels but we would disagree and suggest they should be described as multi-terrain as they just don’t have the capabilities to cope well off-road. However, the iCandy All-Terrain can do just that. Not only can it do it, but can do it very well. Everything about the All-Terrain shouts durability and practicality – especially the carrycot and base of the seat unit that are wipeable (think mud when you are out and about!). This may be an all-terrain pushchair BUT you are not limited to only using it in the countryside.

It is a large pushchair (has to be to carry two toddlers!) but it has a tight turning circle. It’s certainly not the lightest of pushchairs to carry but the push is superb and you certainly don’t notice the overall weight of the pushchair when you are pushing it. Let’s face it, you spend the majority of your time pushing a pushchair, not lifting it in and out of the car!

Single to Double

As we have already mentioned, the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is not only a single pushchair, you can also use it for siblings or twins. You do need to buy extra elements but we like the option that as your family grows, so will the pushchair!


It would be amiss of us not to mention the iCandy 5-year warranty. This gives parents great peace of mind and let’s be honest, this isn’t a cheap pushchair option. It is longer than the warranty offered by many of the other brands.  You don’t even need to register your pram, however, you will need to keep your proof of purchase. You can find more details here. We love the fact that if you sell your All-Terrain before the end of the warranty period or pass it on to a family member, the warranty will remain with the pushchair.


We would be lying if we were to say anything other than that we were impressed with the new iCandy All-Terrain. It does exactly what it is designed for and does it incredibly well. We appreciate that it’s not a cheap pushchair but it is well engineered. Although a financial investment, it should last for years – and for more than one child. The other thing to consider is when you finally come to sell it, if you look after it, you will get a higher percentage back than some other brands – iCandy retains its value pretty well!

You have to firmly place this pushchair in the category of all-terrain pushchairs. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact pushchair, this is not for you. However, if you are looking for the Land Rover of pushchairs, then this should certainly make your shortlist.

Star Rating

We awarded the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain a well-deserved 9 / 10 stars. It may not be the lightest and it may not be the cheapest BUT it does everything it needs to incredibly well. Naturally there are a few niggles but we can live with these given its excellent performance.


  • Excellent off-road performance
  • High-quality engineering
  • Luxurious carrycot
  • Carrycot suitable for overnight sleep
  • Easy-slide harness with adjustable head support
  • 3- or 4-wheel options included
  • Single to double options – grows with your family


  • A little heavier than some
  • Carrycot would do with a higher windshield
  • Interior of the seat unit is not particularly muddy-boot-friendly!
  • Carrycot / Seat unit do not have memory buttons
  • Not a cheap option

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