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iCoo Starlight: The travel bed that gives you more

February 2, 2018

Travelling with a baby isn’t easy at the best of times, luckily iCoo have something to make your staycation or visit to the grandparents a whole lot easier this summer. It’s their bed, Starlight.

iCoo are offering parents mobility and flexibility with the Starlight, making a trip away a breeze for everyone. It only takes a couple of minutes to put up and take down the Starlight and the lightweight aluminium frame means it can be packed away and be transported with ease. Designed to be strong, durable and extra comfortable for baby, the Starlight isn’t just a travel cot. It can be used as a bed at home, on the go and it is even spacious enough to double up as a play area for wide awake tots. Not only is it simple to use and move but parents have everything at their fingertips.


The bed comes with a changing table that is quick and easy to clip onto the bed and removed when not in use. The side storage pockets keep nappies, wipes and cream close to hand, which with a wriggly baby is much needed.

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to struggle to lift baby in and out of the bed, iCoo have included a second level that is suitable for newborns. Parents can be safe knowing the large mesh sides allow plenty of air to circulate around the cot to keep your baby from overheating.

The wheels make it easy to move even when it is up and the carry bag makes transporting for travel much more compact.

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Never have you been so equipped to ensure your baby has a good night’s sleep at home or away. The Starlight offers your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep on the road or at home, what’s not to love?

iCoo Starlight comes in two colours: the Diamond Biege with a stylish, copper coloured aluminium frame, or the Bug Grey which are both available from Mothercare for £139.99.

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