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International Women’s Day

March 8, 2024

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to also take a minute to look at and celebrate how being a mum can make a woman a strong woman in so many ways. We often don’t realise it when we are going through the trials and tribulations of family life. It’s not easy being a mum, but taking a step back can make you realise just how strong you are.

A few ways being a mum can make you strong:

Physical Strength

Being a mum often involves carrying and lifting a child or children, which can be physically demanding. It can lead to increased strength and endurance, making you physically stronger.

Emotional Resilience

Motherhood can be hard on a person’s emotions, and most mothers need to be emotionally strong to deal with the stresses of raising a child. This resilience can translate to other areas of life and help women become more emotionally strong.

Multi-tasking and Time Management

Mother juggling a toddler and working

Mothers have to juggle multiple responsibilities, such as taking care of their children, managing a household, and often working outside the home. This can help women develop excellent multitasking and time management skills, making them more efficient and effective.

Problem Solving

Mothers often have to solve problems, such as managing their child’s behaviour, finding solutions to scheduling conflicts, and handling emergencies. These problem-solving skills can translate to other areas of life, making women more resourceful and resilient.

Compassion and Empathy

Being a mum can teach women to be compassionate and empathetic. They often need to put themselves in their children’s shoes, understand their needs and emotions, and respond with care and kindness. These qualities can be valuable in personal and professional relationships.   In the end, being a mum can teach a woman many skills and traits that can make her strong in many areas of her life. It’s a great ‘job’ being a mum but remember, together, we are stronger. Have a lovely International Women’s Day!  It’s not long until Mother’s Day!


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