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Is your Pushchair Ready for Winter?

January 18, 2024

As the wind whispers of winter’s icy grip, a shiver rolls down your spine. But wait! Before hibernating with your little one, remember your trusty steed: the pushchair! Gear up for snowy strolls and blustery walks with these tips to transform your buggy into a winter wonderland haven for your precious cargo. In an ideal world, we would all have an all-terrain pushchair for the winter, but this is not always possible!

Warm Wonders

  • Cozy cocoon: Invest in a snug footmuff that swaddles your child in warmth. Opt for weatherproof materials like water-resistant fabrics and fluffy linings. We recently published an article about the best universal footmuffs currently available. The Voksi Adventure won our final vote!
  • Layered love: Dress your little one in warm layers, remembering mittens, hats, and a scarf for sensitive areas. Bonus points for thermal socks and a change of clothes tucked away for unexpected spills.
  • Blanket bonus: Keep a soft blanket handy for extra snuggles or impromptu picnics on sunny patches. Choose natural fibres like wool for optimal warmth and breathability. Bizzi Growin have a wide range of fun designs!

Wheel Warriors

  • Tread with confidence: Check your tyres for wear and tear. Consider swapping regular wheels for winter tyres with deeper treads for better traction on snow and ice. Your local bike shop should be able to help you.
  • Shiny armour: Lubricate axles and moving parts to prevent rust and ensure smooth manoeuvring. A squeaky pushchair is not part of the winter soundtrack! Make sure you use a silicone spray (furniture polish works wonders) as this won’t attract further dirt which could make matters worse.
  • Reflective shine: Increase visibility on gloomy days with reflective strips or stickers on the pushchair frame. Don’t forget a good head torch for you too!

Weatherproofing Wizardry

  • Rain cover: Embrace the elements with a sturdy rain cover, protecting your little one from downpours and sneaky snow flurries. Choose one with good ventilation to avoid stuffiness. Most pushchairs now come with one but you can buy universal options if not.
  • Sun shades & umbrellas: Don’t underestimate the winter sun’s glare. A sunshade or stroller umbrella can provide much-needed protection on bright days. Snoozeshade have a range which fit all pushchairs and prams.
  • Handy hooks: Clip rain covers, blankets, and shopping bags easily with sturdy hooks attached to the frame. Less juggling, more strolling!

Bonus Tips

  • Pushchair on skis: If budgets allow, why not have your very own pushchair with Skis? The great thing is that you can usually swap the skis for wheels once the snowy weather passes but imagine this on the school or nursery run!
  • Footmuff footrest: Elevate your child’s legs for extra warmth and comfort in a snug footmuff. Many even have built-in extensions.
  • Snack stash: Pack a flask with warm drinks and snacks for cosy pit stops during your winter walks. Don’t forget hand warmers for yourself! You can get some great ones for your pushchair!
  • Embrace the fun: Make winter walks an adventure! Sing carols, build snowmen, and hunt for colourful leaves. Embrace the season with your little explorer!

With these tips and a bit of preparation, your pushchair will transform into a winter chariot ready for fun but warm adventures. So, bundle up, grab your hot cocoa, and let the frosty fun begin! Remember, winter may be chilly, but with a little planning, your pushchair can be your snuggly haven for happy, healthy strolls all season long.

Happy Winter Wheeling!


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