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Jurassic World: The dinosaurs are back

June 5, 2018

No spoilers here but it is 25 years since the original Jurassic Park hit the big screens. Where did that quarter century go? The plot is based on the theme park being closed for four years now since the luxury resort of Jurassic Park was destroyed by dinosaurs on the rampage. Isla Nublar sits abandoned by humans with the surviving dinosaurs fending for themselves, until the island’s dormant volcano begins roaring to life and all manner of adventure begins. So, with the film in cinemas, we thought we’d bring you a round-up of the best extinct animal based playthings to recreate fossilised fun in your front room!

Inflatable outfit

Make a massive impact wherever your roam with this inflatable T-Rex outfit. Stomp about the place and make the ground quake whilst the battery-powered internal fan keeps this costume larger than life. Beware of the extended tail, anyone thinking of donning this on public transport!

Dino poop

Apart from the bones they left behind, there are relics from our prehistoric pals that are less well documented. Grab this Mini Dig Kit from National Geographic and excavate a fossil called coprolite that was actually formed from the remains of dinosaur dung! Complete with digging tool, brush, and a National Geographic learning guide, you’ll be the most clued-up poop person you know.

I Dig It Dinos – Glow-in-the-Dark Pterosaur

Until right now we wager you didn’t know you wanted to uncover a glow-in-the-dark skeleton of this flying dinosaur – the Pterosaur! Excavate yours and begin by uncovering the bones using a hammer and chisel, then it is time to assemble them into a skeleton with an impressive 18-inch wingspan. Inside this pack are all the pieces buried in a plaster block, the excavation tools, a stand and a descriptive manual.

Jurassic World plush toy
£10.99 at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide

Not known for their cuteness or cuddliness, the creatures of multi-million years past are presented here in plush form and are incredibly un-scary. Available in many forms including Mosasaurus, Velociraptor, Indominus Rex, Pteranodon and Stygimoloch. Collect the lot and have your own prehistoric party, this really could catch on!

Thrash and Throw T-Rex

An impressive amount of detail on this T-Rex makes it a decent on-shelf species but it is also packed with action for prehistoric role-play. Activate its internal sounds, including stomping and chomping, and bring to life its rather impressive mouth space using the tail. You can pick up your badly behaved toys (Playmobil/LEGO Minifigs/other dino toys) and give them a good shake before slinging them across the room – into your toy box, of course!

Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood

There are a number of sets in the LEGO Jurassic World range – we just happened to pick the most expensive and biggest set at 1,019 pieces because, well, it is Father’s Day soon and I have been a very good boy. This three-level set has an office, bedroom with bed, laboratory area with museum display cases and a collapsible roof, Indoraptor and Velociraptor with posable limbs, head and snapping jaws, several Minifigures, Triceratops head, dinosaur egg… It’s oh so very good.

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