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Kiddiewinkles Rose Cottage review

March 14, 2018

The Rose Cottage will make every little girl’s dreams come true.

Ann and her two daughters Eimear, age 4, and Niamh, age 7, were reviewing the beautiful rose cottage from Kiddiewinkles.

Rose cottage includes frame fittings and beautiful handmade rose cottage in individual storage bags.


The rose cottage has four sides to it, a door is featured on either side of the playhouse for variety and one side is even labelled “tea shop”. the doors have little curtains with ‘peeking out’ holes in them. There are two windows on either side with lovely curtains which you can open and close. The cottage itself is unique and made from a hardwearing material, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. The front and sides are embroidered with beautiful flowers and butterflies.  My girls love playing in the cottage where their imagination runs wild, playing make-believe, dress up, teddy bear parties, classroom reading, the list goes on and on.



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