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Mee-go Pure review

Mee-go PURE Review

February 16, 2023

Here at Parenting Expert, it is no secret that we love pushchairs; in fact, we have worked with pushchair brands for over a decade. Pushchairs and prams are in our DNA, so we were particularly excited to be one of the first publications to get our hands on the new Pure 3-in-1 travel system from Mee-go. Read on for the in-depth Mee-go PURE Review, written by renowned pushchair expert, Jo Studholme to see what she really thinks of this city-ready stroller. 

Mee-Go is perhaps best known for their Milano pram, which has a traditional appearance but all of the modern features you’d expect. With the addition of the Pure to their range, parents now have an option that is smaller and lighter. However, under the close scrutiny of our pushchair expert, we wanted to see whether it was as refined as its name might suggest.

Mee-go Pure Review

The Mee-go Pure can be bought in three different bundles. Starting at £850 for the most basic bundle up to £1150 for the most comprehensive bundle, which includes an i-Size infant carrier plus an ISOFIX base. We feel that the majority of people will purchase the Mee-go Pure as a bundle. With this in mind, we decided to review everything on offer.

At the time of publication, the Mee-go Pure is available in four different colourways. For the purpose of this review, we have the True Blue option with its classic navy fabrics and subtle deep blue chassis. This is something a little different and our personal favourite option from the range.

Mee-go Pure 4 COLOURWAYS

The Carrycot

The Mee-go Pure carrycot is suitable from birth to 9 kg, which is standard for a carrycot. We love the fact that it is suitable for overnight sleeping.This negates the need for a travel cot for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Our recommendation is that if you are lucky enough to be travelling, then use the Pure carrycot at night as your baby will be used to sleeping in it. It also means that you don’t have to lug a hefty travel cot on holiday with you.

Mee-go pure blue carry cot

The interior of the Mee-go Pure carrycot is fully lined with a machine-washable (30-degree) liner. Between the removable liner and the carrycot outer, you will find an inner liner that is bromide-free. This makes it an ultra-safe environment for your baby to snooze in. The base of the carrycot comes with a mattress, which, although it has a cover, we recommend using a bottom sheet to make washing far easier. 

Standout Features of the Carrycot

The Mee-go Pure carrycot has a zipped apron, making removal very easy when required. We love that they have not used noisy velcro for this and that the zip runs smoothly. In an ideal world, we would have liked to see a zip at either side of the apron so you could access it from either side, but this would not be a deal breaker for us! The top of the apron has some lovely stitching details, almost like a quilted wave. You have to see it to appreciate this detail! The apron is thick and padded, and is sure to protect your little one from the elements. We love the addition of the weather extension at the front. This can be attached to the hood to give ultimate protection from the elements quickly, easily, and effectively.

There are two stages. The first stage offers considerably more protection from the wind than your average carrycot. However, you can extend this even further to cover well over ¾ of the opening. The gap at the top also allows great air circulation without disturbing baby. The additional flap is held neatly in place by magnets. When raised it reveals a PVC  window that allows you to keep a constant eye on your baby.

On the underside of the carrycot are 6 little “feet”, which keep it away from the dirty ground. Additional “feet” in the middle keep the carrycot nice and sturdy at all times with no sagging in the middle.

The Carrycot Hood

The hood on the Mee-go Pure is lined and has the same zigzag pattern reflected in the apron. This is a really nice touch. To move the hood up and down, there are two buttons on either side. The hood can be put down silently—no horrible clicking sound here! When putting the hood up, you can hear an audible click, but this lets you know it is firmly in place. At the rear of the hood is a ventilation panel which is SPF 30. The flap neatly folds up, and there is no need for magnets as it is held firmly in place thanks to the tautness of the hood material.

Carrycot Adapters

Mee-go pure true blue with carrycot

Within all the bundles for the Mee-Go Pure, there are height adapters included. In fact, you cannot attach the carrycot in the lower position (as you would the seat unit) as it just won’t fit! The height adapters allow the carrycot to be in a much higher position than it would be naturally. This gives you far better eye contact with your baby and also allows easy access to the carrycot, which is especially valuable for that post-C-section mum!

To attach the carrycot to the chassis, first ensure that the adapters are in place, and then simply place it on; you will hear an audible “click” once it is in place. There is a button on either side (within the adapter) to remove it. One small “niggle” is that these are not memory buttons. The easiest way to remove the carrycot is to stand at the side, depress the button furthest away from you. Then slightly tip the carrycot towards you using the handle that is incorporated into the hood. Finally depress the button nearest to you and simply lift off. Although these are not memory buttons, they are still quick simple to operate.

The Seat Unit

When your baby reaches around 6 months, then it will be time to transition them out of the carrycot and into the seat unit. The seat unit neatly drops onto the chassis. To remove it, simply lift the two “paddles” situated either side of the seat unit. Although there are no memory buttons, this is the next best option and is simple to use. The seat can be placed on the chassis either parent-facing or world-facing. We would recommend in those early days, that you use the seat unit facing parents. Not only will you have great eye contact with your baby, but this helps to protect them from the elements.

mee-go pram with seat unit

The seat itself is quite large and will last your child until they reach 22kg. We like the fact that the recline is almost flat. this means that you can use this pushchair from birth if you wish. The carrycot is perhaps the optimum place for your newborn, but it is nice to have options. It may be that you have a full car one day and you can’t fit your carrycot in. The option to use the smaller seat unit would be very beneficial in this instance. 

The seat unit on the Mee-go Pure has 3 recline positions in both parent-facing and world-facing modes. To recline the seat, there is a handle at the back. The movement is very fluid and is unlikely to wake a sleeping baby or toddler if you have to lie them back.

The footrest has four positions that can be changed by pressing the buttons on either side. It may have been slightly easier if it had been operated with a single central button, but you won’t be moving the footrest often, of course.

Seat Unit Styling

The back of the seat has the zigzag stitching pattern that we loved on the carrycot, so we were pleased to see this carried through. The sides of the seat are quite open, so we are pleased to see that an apron and footmuff are included in all the bundles.This is especially useful for added comfort with a young baby (the accessories will be covered in more detail below).

Mee-go true blue detailing


The harness is a 5-point harness, which is common in most pushchairs now. To fasten, you do have to line up the shoulder harness clasp and the waist harness clasp before clicking them into the main harness mechanism. This can be a little tricky with a wriggly older toddler. The harness is a little more plasticy than we would have liked, but it does appear strong. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to three different heights through re-threading. In fairness, a sliding harness would have been preferable here. There are shoulder comfort pads and a crotch comfort pad included in the matching navy fabrics. 

The Seat Unit Hood

The hood on the seat unit is fairly similar to the one used on the carrycot and is lined with the same interior zig-zag stitching as the carrycot. Coverage is ample in its original setup. However, it does have a zip around the back to uncover a further panel, which allows for better coverage. There is a useful peek-a-boo window that allows you to see your child when using the seat unit in the world facing position. During the summer months, it also provides much needed ventilation.


Included with the seat unit is a bumper bar that has a gate opening and can be opened from either side. The bumper does not swivel however on this pushchair. The bumper bar is covered in the same leatherette as the handle bar on the chassis. On our sample, this is a deep blue, which makes a refreshing change from the usual black or brown you see on the majority of pushchairs!


Throughout your little one’s “pushchair years,” the chassis is the bit that you are going to use day in and day out. It is paramount that it is well built! It is quite likely to roll for many, many miles—a recent survey carried out by Channel Mum, suggested that parents walk on average 750 miles a year with a pushchair. The Mee-go Pure will last around three years, so it could walk around 2,250 miles in its life (if you only use it for one child!).

Pure Chassi


The wheels are an important part of the chassis, and the tyres on the Mee-Go Pure are made of PU, which is known for being strong, hard-wearing, and providing a comfortable ride. Many pushchairs have EVA tyres but PU can last up to 10 times longer! Each of the wheels has a double bearing to give not only a smooth ride but also durability. Each of the wheels can be removed, although not particularly easily, and you wouldn’t really want to be doing it after every outing. However, you can remove them to make washing in the sink an easy option!

The Mee-Go Pure has all-wheel suspension, which is now standard in pushchairs, and while it is not an all-terrain pushchair, it will work well in town, city, or across the park. The front wheels have an auto-lock mechanism that is simple to use. All you need to do is slide the knob from the front position to the inside, and the wheel will automatically lock in place. 


We love the look of the chassis on the sample that we have. It is PVD, which produces a high shine yet is durable and prone to fewer scratches than many other pushchairs on the market. If you are not sure what PVD is, take a look here  On the True Blue version of the Mee-go Pure, it has a deep, almost graphite shine with a hint of blue to it depending on the light—it is very different, and we love it!

The Handle

The handle on the Pure is made from vegan leatherette and is nicely finished. The stitching on our sample is a blue colour which complements the fabrics of the pushchair. The stitching is very precise, and we love this attention to detail. The handle matches the bumper bar on the seat unit. 

mee-go pure handle in true blue

Under the chassis is a decent-sized basket that is easily accessible both in carrycot and seat unit mode. There is reinforcement at the bottom, meaning the basket will not sag even when fully loaded. The basket can hold 3.5kg, so while it is spacious, the temptation may be to overfill it!

The Fold

Like the vast majority of pushchairs, the Mee-go Pure cannot be folded with the carrycot in place, and you do need to remove the height adapters.

Folding the chassis on its own is extremely simple and can be accomplished with one hand. On the crossbar of the chassis above the basket, you will see a handle. The simplest way is to stand at the side of the chassis, move the button with your thumb, and move the handle upwards. This releases the handlebar, which will drop to the floor.Using the handle, lift the chassis to allow it to fold fully. It really is that simple, and at 6.2kg it is lightweight too.

If you are using the seat unit, you can remove it, which will make everything lighter and easier. However, we envisage that most will choose to leave the seat in situ, as this is the quickest option.

Folding with The Seat Unit

To fold with the seat parent facing, fold the unit forwards in line with the handle bar using the handle behind the seat. You then fold it in the same way as above. To fold with the seat facing forward, use the recline handle behind the seat to make sure the back of the seat is in line with the handle bar. You then fold in the same way. It is worth noting that in this setup, the fold is not particularly small and is a little more cumbersome. To create the smallest fold, you do need to remove the bumper bar, at least on one side. Personally, we would take the seat off to fold in this instance!

In all modes, the chassis will self-stand, although there is certainly a knack to it. We are disappointed to see there is no locking mechanism, so be careful if lifting in and out of the car. 


To unfold in all modes, reach for the handle bar and lift up. If starting from a self-standing position, the wheels will naturally glide out, making the transition very easy. If you are starting from a laid-down position, this is slightly more tricky, but with practice, you’ll master it like a pro in no time at all.


We love the fact that there are various accessories that are included in all the bundles, including raincovers, an apron, a footmuff, height adapters (for the carrycot), handmuffs, and car seat adapters.

Mee-go Pure Raincover

The Mee-go Pure comes with two raincovers, one designed for the carrycot and one for the seat unit. They both do what they need to do and will keep your little one dry.

Mee-go Pure Apron

We love the fact that the apron is included—a useful extra when it is too warm for a full-blown footmuff. The apron is well-made and thicker than the ones that come with most pushchairs. It is nicely finished and has a velour finish area near where your little one’s arms are, making it ultra comfortable for them. The cuff can be extended, adding more protection from the elements. Quite frankly, this is a very nicely executed apron!

Mee-go Pure Footmuff

mee-go puure true blue apron The footmuff is designed for when the weather is colder and you need even more than the apron. The footmuff is 2-in-1, as you can unzip the front and use the back as a seat liner. As with the apron, the footmuff is finished to a high standard and is relatively thick. There is a velour-finished top that toggles around the bumper bar, unless you want to extend it upwards on really cold days. It is not the longest of footmuffs, so it will not last until your little one outgrows the pushchair, but we love it for a baby or younger toddler. 

Our only niggle, style-wise, is that we wish it matched the inside of the hood (which is white), but the velour area is a camel colour (although white would be completely impractical!). Really tricky one. Perhaps we would make the inside of the hood the same colour as the outer fabrics!

Pure Changing Bag by Mee-Go

A stylish changing bag is included with all bundles for the Mee-go Pure. It is not your usual satchel bag and has the same zig-zag stitched finish as the carrycot and seat unit. The leatherette carry handle matches the chassis handle and bumper bar, and we like that the bag has been designed to match rather than being an afterthought. Inside the bag, you will find a changing mat that is a decent size. It is a little basic but does the job, which is important!

Mee-go true blue changing bag

The only thing we don’t like about the bag is the Velcro that holds the handles together; it’s black and should have been navy blue to match the rest of the bag; alternatively, a nice leatherette fastener would have been even better.

Mee-go Pure Handmuffs

Included are two useful handmuffs; these may never appear on your “must have” list, but once you have them, you will wonder how you lived without them. They are super soft and easy to fit on the handlebars of your Pure Pushchair (or any other pushchair, for that matter).

Mee-go Pure Car Seat Adapters

These are very simple to click on either side of the chassis (where the seat joins the chassis). We love the fact that these are included. At time of publication, the Pure is compatible with the following infant carriers – Avionaut by Mee-go Cosmo iSize.

Mee-go pure car seat

Optional Accessories

Avionaut by Mee-go iSize Infant Carrier

The Avionaut by Mee-go Infant carrier is available as an option with the Mee-go Pure. As car seat experts at Parenting Expert, we are pleased to see that Mee-go has teamed up with an established and respected car seat brand, Avionaut. In addition, this is an iSize (R129) car seat, which meets all the latest regulations. The first thing you will notice about the car seat is that it is very light—only 3.2kg! This car seat is suitable from 40 to 87 cm. This should last until your child is 12 to 15 months old (up to 13 kg). There is a newborn insert included, which should be removed when your baby reaches about 60 cm.

The Avionaut by Mee-go car seat is compatible with an ISOFIX base or can be fitted using the seat belt. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when fitting a car seat. 


You have the option to add the iSOFIX base to the Avionaut by Mee-go iSize Infant Carrier. It is worth mentioning the ISOFIX base is not any safer than a correctly fitted car seat when using the seat belt. However, using an ISOFIX base does help to eliminate human error, so we do recommend using one if budgets allow. The base is easy to fit. Once installed, you can leave it in your car, just checking periodically that the safety indicators are green, of course. Be aware that you should move the car seat handle forwards when using the ISOFIX base. This acts as a “roll bar” in the unfortunate event of an accident. 


The Mee-go Pure is nicely executed, and we love in particular the styling on the Pure Blue option. As with all pushchairs and prams, there are pros and cons. However, the Pure is a far cry from the pushchairs we’ve seen from Mee-Go in the past. They have upped their game an d they are now a serious contender in that mid-market range, that will fit the needs of the majority of families.


  • Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping
  • Carrycot has an ingenious weather shield
  • Lovely finish to the chassis
  • Spacious basket
  • Includes a lot of accessories


  • No memory buttons
  • Seat harness needs to be rethreaded rather than using a sliding harness
  • Bumper bar not swivel opening
  • No chassis lock for folding

We give the Mee-go Pure Travel System a score of 8/10.

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    I am trying to find more information about the overnight sleeping in the carrycot, however did not find anything on the official website. Where did you find such information please?

    • Michelle Cox

      Hi Dianne,
      This information came directly from Mee-go. I hope this helps. Best wishes. Parenting Expert


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