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Menopause Myths Busted

Menopause Myths Busted

October 18, 2023

We have spoken to menopause expert Cheryl MacDonald to bring you this article – Menopause Myths Busted.

Cheryl MacDonald is the dynamic founder of YogaBellies and has recently released her latest books, “YogaPause – What Women Need to Know After 40, and Why Yoga Is The Answer” and the accompanying menopause journal, “Unleashing Your Radiant Life.” Cheryl’s sparkling approach to menopause is practical, fun and refreshingly adventurous, as she speaks directly to the heart of women beginning and navigating the menopause journey.

We don’t hear much about menopause before it happens, and a lot of what we do hear is just, incorrect. There’s this stereotype that menopause happens to ‘old ladies,’ in your 50s or even 60s or beyond. But here’s a reality check: Perimenopause, the transition phase leading to menopause, often kicks off when you’re around 35. We all know that our fertility starts to decline around this time, but this is actually your body subtly signalling that menopause is en route. Even if we don’t have physical symptoms, the fact is that around 35-40, you’re probably already in perimenopause.

Menopause is also actually only one single day

This is exactly 12 months after your last menstrual period. After this, your postmenopausal. Everything before this (when you get the symptoms) is actually perimenopause, so there’s a lot of confusion around that. 

Another common myth is that menopause is ‘the end’ of excitement and adventure and all things worth living for.  Your attractiveness? Your sexual wellness? Your value as a woman? This is absolute nonsense. In so many ways, menopause is just the beginning. You’re finally free from the monthly biological tyranny of periods! If you view menopause as an exciting new chapter, then you’ll find it to be really liberating, and possibly the first time in your life when you’ve had a minute to think about what you want – outside of the societal roles you play — mum, partner, employee. When was the last time you could really just, unapologetically, focus on you? 

Welcome this chapter as a time of newfound freedom. You have the time, the wisdom, and hopefully the resources to indulge in self-exploration, guilt free. This is the time to take that painting class, go on that yoga retreat or even take time to explore your sexuality. The world is your oyster, and the time is now.

It’s a myth that hitting menopause means that you’ve passed your expiry date – just think of it as the launch of a new, unexplored adventure. It’s not about getting old; it’s about becoming more, beautifully YOU. And that’s pretty exciting.

YogaPause – what women need to know after 40 and why yoga is the answer is available from Amazon for £14.97 – YogaPause: What Women Need To Know After 40 And Why Yoga Is The Answer: Amazon.co.uk: Kennedy MacDonald, Cheryl: 9798379345297: Books

Menopause Myths Busted



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