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Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry ACTIVE Nappy

May 11, 2018

The Ultra Dry active nappies have been designed for active babies (including those that simply wriggle more at night) because as babies become more active they need a nappy designed for just this.

The nappies are soft and super stretchy for a comfortable fit and have snug-fit leg cuffs for fewer leaks. The slim fit design provides an ultimate fit with reduced bulk between baby’s legs, making the nappy even more comfortable without compromising on absorbency. The super absorbent core draws fluid away from the baby’s skin locking it away, helping baby stay drier and therefore reducing the risk of skin irritation. Parents will love;

  • Super slim for freedom to movement
  • Super absorbent to lock away wetness
  • Added comfort with less bulk between the legs (thanks to the slim fit design).
  • Suitable for day and night.
  • Extra soft leg guards to help reduce marks.

For babies that need extra absorbency try using the plus (+) sizes – when you see the plus sign this just means the nappy is more absorbent (not bigger just more absorbent), so great for night time use.


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