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Motorola MBP70SN Non-Contact Thermometer

May 9, 2018

Use the MBP70SN Non-contact thermometer to track and monitor body temperature as well as liquids. Ideal for new-borns and adults with multi-user setting that stores and tracks every reading for each user (set up to 4 profiles). Fast and accurate reading with ± 0.2 degree Celsius or ± 0.4 degree Fahrenheit accuracy within the range of 32.4 degree Celsius – 42.9 degree Celsius (90.3 degree Fahrenheit – 109.2 degree Fahrenheit. Fever alarm to alert you of high temperature readings that are above 38 degree Celsius (100.4 degree Fahrenheit). Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity via the Hubble connect for smart nursery app that lets you track and store each temperature reading.



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