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Moving House with a Family

June 8, 2018

It’s Stressful Moving House!

Moving house with two children, including a newborn, proved to be one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever faced. Balancing the responsibilities of packing, working, and planning for our new home was incredibly hectic.

Reasons for the Move

We decided to move house to gain more living space for our growing family. Upon finding our forever home and placing an offer, I immediately began envisioning how we could decorate the space to make it truly ours.

Planning on a Tight Budget

With moving expenses looming, I knew we needed to stick to a tight budget. To gather and organise my ideas, I started creating mood boards for each room. Mood boards served as a visual representation of my design inspirations, helping me stay focused and organised.

Gathering Inspiration

I scoured magazines, browsed social media, and followed small businesses to gather inspiration for our new home. I collected paint testers, colour strips, and even ordered fabric swatches for future furniture purchases, despite knowing they would be among the last items bought due to their expense.

The Arrival of the Sofa

After placing an order for our sofa, which arrived almost a year after we got the keys to our new home, I was relieved to see that it fit perfectly with the planned colour scheme. This seamless integration was a testament to the effectiveness of careful planning and coordination.

Cost-Effective Paint Options

While I initially fell in love with a pricey paint option, Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite, our budget couldn’t accommodate the expense. After extensive research and testing, I discovered a more affordable alternative in Dulux Heritage’s Chiltern White. Not only did this choice save money, but it also provided a durable option suitable for our family’s needs.

Upcycling Inspiration

Exploring various decorating ideas for our new home has also sparked my interest in upcycling furniture pieces. Luckily, the previous owners left behind a large pine wardrobe for our toddler’s bedroom. While it had been painted purple with a whitewash, I envisioned a brighter colour scheme inspired by shades of grey, pink, and peach.

Wardrobe Transformation

To breathe new life into the wardrobe, I grabbed some sandpaper and opted for a chalk-pink paint. The result was stunning, especially against the backdrop of grey star wallpaper in our daughter’s room. The transformation not only added a pop of colour but also infused the space with personality and charm.

Continuing Evolution

As we settle into our home, I find myself constantly adding to my mood boards. Decorating and personalizing our space has become an ongoing project, with Pinterest serving as my go-to platform for inspiration. With its vast array of boards to follow and quick access to links and images, Pinterest fuels my creativity and keeps me motivated to explore new ideas.

Never-ending Inspiration

Even a year into living in our new home, I find that I’m still discovering fresh ideas and inspiration. The process of decorating and refining our space has become an endless source of joy and excitement. With each new idea, our home evolves, reflecting our evolving tastes and preferences.

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