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Multi-Gyn Compresses

May 14, 2018

Multi-Gyn Compresses are a unique solution to a specific problem – 85% of women will sustain trauma to the perineum after childbirth. That could be anything from sore or stretched skin to torn tissue, or an episiotomy with stitches.

Place a Multi-Gyn Compress on the affected area for immediate soothing relief of pain or discomfort.

The soothing 2QR-complex gel is extracted from aloe vera and has been proven to attach to harmful bacteria to prevent them attaching to skin/wounds – this helps to prevent them causing inflammation or infection.

The light plastic back creates a moist wound environment which is known to speed up the healing process.

These Compresses are part of the Multi-Gyn natural, effective vaginal health and hygiene range. No preservatives, perfumes, harsh chemicals or ingredients of animal origin.


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