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Mumii Family Awards 2018 – The results!

April 3, 2018

‘The Mumii Family Awards encompass everything you need to know about being a Family. We took the best of the best and parents spent a month deliberating and voting for their favourite brands and products. With over 10,000 votes cast across numerous categories, we are now very pleased to be able to announce the results.’
Jo – Editor of Mumii

Best Nursery Furniture Brand
Gold – Obaby
Silver – Boori
Bronze – Infababy

Best Nursery Brand
Gold – My Babiie
Silver – Babystyle
Bronze – Obaby
Shortlisted – Ickle Bubba
Shortlisted – Boori
Shortlisted – Snugbags

Best Pushchair Brand
Gold – Bugaboo
Silver – egg
Bronze – Ickle Bubba
Shortlisted – Obaby
Shortlisted – Infababy

Best Car Seat Brand
Gold – BeSafe
Silver – Ickle Bubba
Bronze – Infababy

Best Baby Carrier Brand
Gold – Integra Baby
Silver – Izmi
Bronze – Baby Tula
Shortlisted – We Made Me

Best Sleep Brand
Gold – Rockit
Bronze – Love To Dream

Best Teething Brand
Gold – Anbesol
Silver – Nelsons

Best Children’s Food Brand
Gold – Kiddyum
Silver – For Aisha
Bronze – Piccolo
Shortlisted – Annabel Karmel
Shortlisted – Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Snack Brand
Gold – Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Organic Food Brand
Gold – Piccolo
Silver – Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Toddler Fashion Brand
Gold – JoJo Maman Bébé
Silver – Kidunk
Bronze – Newbie
Shortlisted -Piccalilly

Best Organic Clothing Brand
Gold – Frugi
Silver – Piccalilly
Bronze – Newbie

Best Outdoor Clothing Range
Gold – Kidunk
Silver – Frugi

Best Children’s Clothing Retailer
Gold – Newbie
Silver – JoJo Maman Bébé
Bronze – Frugi
Shortlisted – Piccalilly

Best Furniture Retailer
Gold – Boori
Silver – Happy Beds

Best Toiletry Brand for Kids
Gold – Weleda
Silver – Waterwipes
Bronze – Vosene

Best Skincare Brand
Gold – Weleda
Silver – Frezyderm
Bronze – Bio Oil
Shortlisted – Urban Veda

Best Haircare Brand
Gold – Harry and Rose
Silver – Vosene
Bronze – Frezyderm

Best Organic Beauty Brand
Gold – Weleda
Silver – Green People

Best Health Supplement
Gold – Spatone
Silver – Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus

Best Kitchenware Brand
Gold – Lock & Lock
Silver – Addis Home

Best Household Product
Gold – Clearly Lock & Lock
Silver – Addis Housewares Mega Mop
Bronze – Addis Housewares Easi Airer

Best Baby Toy
Gold – Taggies Soft Book
Silver – Wubbanub Pacifier

Best Children’s Toy
Gold – Mayka Tape
Silver – Infento Creator Kit
Bronze – Primo Toys Cubetto
Shortlisted – Little Brian Paint Sticks
Shortlisted – Lisciani 50 Games in One
Shortlisted – Lisciani I’m a Genius – The Great Science Laboratory

Best Toddler Toy / Game
Gold – Infento Creator Kit
Silver – Little Brian Paint Sticks
Bronze – Orchard Toys Games Compendium

Best Outdoor Toy
Gold – Infento Creator Kit
Silver – Bunch O Balloons
Bronze – Plum Create Your Own Springsafe Trampoline

Best Children’s Game
Gold – Lisciani 50 Games in One
Silver – Lisciani I’m a Genius – The Great Science Laboratory
Bronze – Orchard Toys Games Compendium

Best Family Game
Gold – Orchard Toys Games Compendium
Silver – Lisciani 50 Games in One

Best Children’s Book
Gold – Sit Chop Chew by Kate Ball
Silver – Taggies Starry Night Teddy Soft Book

Best Family Cook Book
Gold – New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel
Silver -Easy Family Cookbook – The Orange One by Ella’s Kitchen

Best Parenting App
Gold – Skwibble! Online Baby Journal
Silver – Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipe App
Bronze – Childcare.co.uk
Shortlisted – Play Rhymes

Best Gadget for Children
Gold – VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
Silver – Sugru

Best Gadget for Parents
Gold – Baby Nails
Silver – Rockit
Bronze – DoddleBags
Shortlisted – Sugru

Best Gadget
Gold – Baby Nails
Silver – Sugru

Best Innovation
Gold – Plum – Create Your Own Springsafe Trampoline
Silver – Kidunk Playproof Clothing for Kids
Bronze – Skwibble! The Online Baby Journal
Shortlisted – Bugaboo
Shortlisted – Besafe
Shortlisted – Splashabout Go Splash Swim Vest
Shortlisted – Splashabout New and Improved Happy Nappy
Shortlisted – Childcare.co.uk
Shortlisted – Play Rhymes
Shortlisted – Urban Veda
Shortlisted – Doddlebags

Best Travel Product for Babies
Silver – Zellie Adventure Bag
Bronze – Rockit
Shortlisted – Bugaboo
Shortlisted – Onco Baby Car Mirror
Shortlisted – Splashabout New and Improved Happy Nappy

Best Travel Product for Kids
Gold – Doddlebags
Silver – Original Konfidence Swim Jacket
Bronze – BeSafe
Shortlisted – Little Brian Paint Sticks
Shortlisted – Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest

Best Travel Product for Parents
Gold – Zellie Adventure Bag
Silver – Onco Baby Car Mirror
Bronze – Urban Veda Soothing Facial Oil

Best Child Safety Product
Gold – Mini First Aid – Family First Aid Kit
Silver – Fred Clear-view Stairgate
Bronze – Onco Baby Car Mirror

Best UK Shortbreak for Families
Gold – Parkdean Resorts
Silver – Bluestone National Park Resort
Bronze – LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel and Resort

Best UK Family Hotel
Gold – LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Castle Hotel
Silver – Parkdean Resort

Congratulations to all the brands and products involved in this year’s Mumii Family Awards!



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