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My Babiie Katie Piper MB02 Camo Stroller Review

August 24, 2018

Mumii VIP Ellie from Hampshire has been testing the My Babiie Katie Piper MB02 Camo Stroller with a bit of help from her partner Daniel, son Oliver (aged 22 months) and Oliver’s grandparents – Sue (Nana) and Pete (Grandad)…

What was in the box?

The stroller, four wheels, hood, bumper bar, cupholder, raincover and instruction manual.

First Impressions:

When the box arrived it was nicely packaged and not heavy at all, which made it easy to bring into the house. I took no time in opening the box to check everything was there. It needed putting together so after having a quick look through the instruction manual, I managed to set up the stroller. It was very straightforward and easy to set up and I didn’t have to look back to the manual for guidance once. One small issue was that some of the threads around the harness had frayed a little, but this is only an appearance issue to my mind and does not affect the overall safety or use of the stroller.


Using the My Babiie Katie Piper Believe MB02 Camo Stroller has been a pleasure!

From the get go it’s been so easy, easy to assemble, easy to pack away, easy to manoeuvre. We’ve had a busy week testing the stroller and putting it through its paces, from hour-plus long walks over different terrains to busy shopping centres and picnics in the park.

On our hour-plus long walks we cover a variety of terrains, including normal street pavements, woodland areas, grassy fields and cobbles. The My Babiie MB02 stroller has coped fantastically with all of them with such ease, especially with its lockable and swivelling front wheels, fitting in to our day-to-day life perfectly. I am in no doubt that it would fit into other parents’ lives too, whether living in a busy city or town or a secluded countryside village.

During the recent heatwave we’ve really been able to test out the extendable three-position hood, which has kept Oliver shaded from the sun. This has been a blessing as Oliver is not a fan of hats! I was surprised to see the hood has UPF50+ UV protection, this is such a great addition and really puts my mind at ease when it comes to Oliver’s sun protection. The cupholder has also come in handy with the heatwave, meaning I can keep either Oliver’s water to hand or a drink for myself. On the back of the hood there is also a large pocket; it’s very spacious and can hold your keys, phone and purse if you’re going out without a bag.

Unfortunately, with the heatwave comes the rain. We’ve had a few rainy days whilst testing this stroller but the raincover is so easy to attach. It folds up really small and can be kept in the spacious basket underneath with room to spare for your shopping or a changing bag.

Oliver seems to find the stroller very comfortable – he even fell asleep whilst sitting up, which is unheard of! On a previous stroller of ours, the seat made Oliver slump and he found it hard to look around at his surroundings. With the My Babiie MB02 stroller Oliver now sits up straight and is able to watch the cars going under the bridge, which is his favourite! If needed, the seat reclines slightly or fully, which is great for when we are out and about and Oliver naps. The five-point safety harness is easy to loosen or tighten and the leg-rest can be adjusted to suit your child’s preference.

The My Babiie MB02 is easy to fold away – it’s a simple case of lifting two bars on the back, which can be done with your foot, and then folding the stroller forwards, which can be done with one hand. There is a clip that keeps the stroller folded neatly, which clips on as you fold the stroller down. It folds up small and we are able to store it by our front door – this also means it fits in the boot of our car with plenty of space left, which is a huge bonus!

The only drawbacks I found to the stroller were that the viewing window on the hood can be a little difficult to see through on sunny days due to glare on the plastic and a black mesh material, and the handles are not adjustable. This was not a problem for me as the stroller itself is quite high but I can see it might be a problem for taller people.

My partner, Oliver’s grandparents and myself have enjoyed testing and reviewing the My Babiie MB02 stroller very much! Overall the stroller is an excellent all-rounder. It is very lightweight, yet sturdy, and with the swivel wheels it is a smooth stroller to push (even uphills are a breeze) and manoeuvre. The extending hood with added UV protection is fantastic and so is the spacious basket underneath. I have seen on the My Babiie website that there is also a matching footmuff that can be purchased, which I will buying ready for the winter to keep Oliver cosy and warm!

I would thoroughly recommend the My Babiie MB02 stroller to friends and family and to anyone looking for a stylish, lightweight stroller!

  • Looks stylish
  • Very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Has a fully reclining seat
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Lockable and swivelling front wheels
  • Extra-large shopping basket
  • Extendable three-position hood with viewing window and UPF50+ (UV protection) on the hood
  • Handy cupholder and raincover
  • Compact and space-saving
  • The viewing window on the hood can be a little difficult to see through on a bright sunny day, as there is a black mesh material that covers it
  • With the stroller itself being so light, when the seat is fully reclined with a child laying down, you need to be careful not to put any additional weight on the back of the stroller , as this may cause it to tip backwards
  • The handle height can’t be adjusted

I would recommend this product to other parents!



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