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New carriers from Babybjörn – Baby Carrier One and Baby Carrier One Air

January 26, 2018

This evening sees the official launch of two new carriers from the well known brand Babybjörn. These are not just carriers brought to market by a company interested in making money. Intense research has gone into their development. Babybjörn enlisted the help of 100 real families, pediatricians, babywearing practioners and medical experts. Every single element of these carriers have been scrutinised and developed to offer ultimate comfort and support for not only your baby, but also yourself. Egonomically speaking, these carriers offer you hours of happy and safe babywearing – offering support for baby’s neck, hips and spine.

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We took a look at what is new about these Babybjörn carriers…

– The head support is higher and designed with a fully adjustable buckle, which gives both newborns and older babies greater neck support.
– The seat area now has an even wider maximum position with fully adjustable settings for the perfect position for your little one.
– There is less fabric between you and your baby which enhances the dreamy bonding experience and breathability of babywearing; you will be able to see and feel that your baby is sitting in a natural position, with their back in a “C” curve.
– The padding in the shoulder straps is brand new, to offer even more weight distribution across your shoulders and back, for hours of comfy carrying
– The mesh used in the Baby Carrier One Air is made from a new patented fabric that’s been specifically developed to be even more breathable and feel extra soft against your baby’s delicate skin.


So in earnest, Babybjörn have listened to all the experts, parents and medical experts alike and have created two carriers they feel are the best on the market. Here at Mumii, we look forward to learning more!

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