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Nimble Milk Buster

May 11, 2018

Nimble Milk Buster makes cloudy and smelly baby bottles a thing of the past.

It works by gently detaching yucky milk fat and proteins from plastic, making your baby’s bottles free from cloudiness and smelly odour.

Unlike regular washing-up liquid that are made to wash away food grease, Nimble Milk Buster is especially formulated to take away milk residues.

Don’t just take our word for it, an independent lab test shows outstanding results against a regular washing-up liquid.

It is safe and gentle using plant-based cleaning ingredients. It does not contain chemical nasties like sulphates, dyes, enzymes, and chemical fragrances that can irritate your babies.

With our patented odour-fighting formula, your bottles will not smell of old milk mixed with the citrus or floral fragrances from your washing-up liquid. It just smells clean and fresh.

For bottles that look and smell like new for longer – use Nimble Milk Buster.



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