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Nimble Sticky Stopper

May 11, 2018

Nimble Sticky Stopper is our bleach-free and fragrance-free antibacterial toy and surface cleaner. It gets rid of sticky and greasy residues from food, fruit juices, chocolate, milk, etc.

Many similar products’ cleaning and disinfection is based on bleach or chlorine. Nimble Sticky Stopper Spray does it without any and still kills 99.9% of germs! How is this possible? The key is Lactic Acid, a natural disinfectant derived from fermenting sugar. So safe and more natural!

Nimble Sticky Stopper is fragrance-free. This product is perfect to be used for cleaning and disinfecting toys, tables and surfaces. It is powered by <5% coconut-based cleaning ingredients and 0.9% lactic acid.

It comes in a foaming spray that ensures gentle and even cleaning of surfaces. You can also use it to clean not just toys but all kinds of things like potties, high chairs, play mats, bibs, and more.



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