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Nuby Ultimate Digital Breast Pump

May 9, 2018

This is a unique pump that encourages milk let down and mimics baby’s feeding action by comfortably drawing from the breast, instead of squeezing the nipple (like conventional pumps). It has both stimulation and expression modes for expressing more milk, in less time (compared to Nûby’s standard digital breast pump); with 1-9 speed selection levels for ultimate comfort. The skin soft-silicone cup has a three phased action (massage, draw and collect) to encourage milk flow. It is the ONLY pump with touch screen technology, for ultimate control and comfort (UK Market, May 2017, excludes online retailers). Ideal for everyday expression at home (with mains adaptor) and on the move (with rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts for up to 3 hours).

All you need to convert Nuby Natural Touch Ultimate Breast Pump to a Double Pump! Simply connect the Y-shaped double pump air tube into the digital control panel on your original unit. The Y-shaped tube divides into 2 sections, attach one end to your original pump and the other end to the extra pump in the adaptor kit. Then you can express from both breasts at the same time and collect more milk.



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